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Proud Heughligan, Catriot, Outlander Alliance, Outlandia, and OC member. I love Sweden, music and crocheting....and puzzles of course! While I make Outlander/Scottish puzzles, I personally love putting together Disney puzzles, especially if it's fanart!

My biggest pet peeve is how many people on this site don't even try to credit the artist, especially since in most cases it takes a 3 second google search. Please don't take it personally if I add a comment with info about the artist. I'm only thinking of the artists and feel they deserve to be acknowledged.

In most cases I am intrigued by the art and search for it for myself, to add to my collection of favorite artists. It takes only a second more to add the commend/credit.

Also, google and Pinterest are not viable options! They just gather photos from around the web and show them to you in one place. They do not "own" the photos, google/pinterest is just the "looking glass" in which we can view the pictures. The photos HAVE TO come from somewhere. Try clicking on the photo to see where google/pinterest is taking the photo from.

Below is a "how to" on how to search by image. There are a few cases where it is nearly impossible, but 80% of what I see here is easy to find. Searching by image will not only show you all the pages that use that image, but also may give you a larger version of the image, perfect for puzzle making!

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions and I hope this is helpful! I know everyone is not computer savvy, so I like to help.

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