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I love the challenge of a good puzzle. I tend to do ones that are visually pleasing pictures of natural landscapes, beautifully crafted objects, incredible architecture, and pictures of animals. I have a love for nature and art. I also like puzzles that are difficult, even to the point of completing a puzzle that was just a single color. If I had a very large computer monitor, I would do more of the puzzles over 300 pieces, but with the monitor I have, I try to stay with puzzles where I can still make out the detail of the puzzle piece, with all pieces showing, without going blind. Whenever I learn that someone likes to do puzzles, I let them know about the Jigidi site.
I love to garden, and I am constantly making changes to the design. Always striving to find the best combination of color and form that is the "canvas" of my garden. Of course, as the "artist", I am almost never happy with the outcome, and work harder to improve the layout.
I love animals, because they keep me connected to nature. I have owned dogs since I was little, always working with them to make them an ideal companion, and always wonder why others don't train their dogs to behave better. I also have kept fish aquariums since I was young. I enjoy the peacefulness of the quiet beauty of a beautifully landscaped aquarium and the symbiosis that is so linked between plant life and the fish. I have had aquariums that contain live plants for over 30 years, and I can't imagine a freshwater community aquarium without live plants.
I live in the "Great White North" known as Minnesota. I can't imagine living any place where there is not the full change of the seasons. People ask me how I can live somewhere that gets so cold. I always say "when it gets cold outside, you can always add another layer of clothing, but if it is too hot, you can only take off so much." I also love how pristine the world looks with a fresh layer of snow, covering up anything unsightly, and making it beautiful again.
Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day!

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