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I love Jigidi and consider it to be the best jigsaw puzzle platform available today. It is puzzles submitted by "the people" for others to enjoy and put together. You can choose the size, the subject, background colors, how you want to sort or if you even want to sort at all... even follow those you know who submit puzzles to do that you enjoy most so you see when they put new material out there. If you choose you can also interact with friends or comment on puzzles. I have tried many other options, still do and always, always, always come back to Jigidi.


I have been a jigidi player for quite a few years now, and I find this site my main go-to when I want to unwind or just look at (and solve) lovely pictures. Often educational when posters explain the origin or circumstances of the image they propose, but always fun and challenging. I would NOT do without jigidi.


Jigidi is a wonderful place. I can solve jigsaw puzzles and send and receive messages to and from people all over the world ! I have found some dear friends in the ten years I have been on this site and happily I was able to meet a few of them in person. 
Jigidi is making my world a better place ! 


Jigidi has been a part of my daily life for more than seven years. This site has become much more than a place to do jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle contributions by others of a vast range of interesting and challenging subjects provides the Jigidi player with an opportunity to travel the world in their mind by any means of transportation they want. examining the flora and fauna along the way. The world is here for your inspection. There's also the opportunity of short communication with the puzzle creator. A compliment or question is usually welcomed. Be prepared to be impressed and welcomed by the absolute best fellow puzzlers on the internet. The door is open wide -- just take that first step.


I have truly enjoyed the puzzles on jigidi for almost a year. I like puzzles of nature, old beautiful houses, flowers, crafts, locations around the world, etc. I assemble mostly puzzles of 100 pieces or less as I use my phone. I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, but using online puzzles is enjoyable as I am now retired.


I just want to thank you for doing some seriously deep thinking about the values you hope to encourage on Jigidi, for communicating them eloquently, for demonstrating inclusive thinking, and for taking a stand for the common good. Too few people are willing to care, to think deeply about what differences each of us can possibly make in the world, and then putting our rubber to the road. Thank you for not only thinking about which issues might promote positive vs. negative community outcomes, but for taking action, and, very importantly, communicating effectively with your audience. I have spent far too much time on Jigidi for a number of years now, but I have enjoyed every minute I have spent, I credit it with improving my memory, and I thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for us all!   Also, I have enjoyed jigsaw puzzles all of my life, but I have spent much more time working them since I discovered Jigidi because Jigidi puzzles are contained on my computer, and don't require setting aside a place in the house, sometimes for days, to work them.  When I first started working Jigidi puzzles, I frequently would think, "I know I have seen the piece that belongs there, but I have no idea where it is."  Not any more!  Now, I almost always know exactly where I saw that puzzle piece last.  Also, because of the leaderboard, when I have time, I often re-do a puzzle right away--sometimes over and over again--to see if I can improve my speed.  I have to think that improving memory and brain speed while having fun working Jigidi puzzles cannot help but be good outcomes for someone who turned 80 this year! 


This is the best puzzle site I have ever came across. I love to do puzzles and there are a ton of puzzles on here and they are free. you can post your on puzzles or look in the categories for puzzles. Also a very large amount of people and I have not seen any that have been rude. 99.9% of the people will talk to you. I have learned a few new things I did not know. Puzzles come from all over the world so you will find things that you do not know but someone will tell you or give you the URL so you can Google it for information. I love Jigidi. Thank you for making this site possible.


I love Jigidi..It's become a dear friend i can turn to when i feel down, or just feel like doing a beautiful puzzle.. Simple said... it's a wonderful place!!


I'm an 83 yr old lady with double vision and shaking in one or both hands. It takes me longer to complete a puzzle than others, but almost always I keep working to complete the task. This improves my concentration. Due to size of computer screen I try to keep puzzles under @ 130 pieces, so the individual pieces aren't too small. I try to challenge myself for some puzzles, and for others that appear easy to complete the task quickly. I'm thankful that I found jigidi puzzles. It helps my brain stay strong.


I really do love jigidi puzzle site. I used to do 1000 piece board puzzles until I found out about Jigidi from a friend, but I don't do that many pieces anymore.


I have been with JIGIDI since 2014. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and solving puzzles. I have met many friends and enjoy sharing our thoughts about puzzles and life in general. I also post my puzzles on Facebook for friends who are not on JIGIDI. I am almost 85 years young and I feel jigsaw puzzles are very helpful in preventing or delaying the onset of dementia. JIGIDI is one of the best things to happen to my daily life.


My dear sister in law Doris, kept asking me if I have been on jigidi. I had no idea what jigidi was. She sent me the link. However, being lax, I did not get into it. As she lay in her death bed, In Aug. 2014, she asked, did you ever get on jigidi and I said no., but promise I will. She passed that night. Sometime after her passing I did get on and have not left. I love the site. The people or person who created this site is a genius. I have met people from around this planet and have made friends from anywhere and everywhere. I may have encountered one or two grumps, but I just stay clear and keep on puzzling. No need to say it again, but I will. "I love jigidi and thank you!!"


I learned about jigidi from my sister. We live far apart so it is a clever way to keep in touch by commenting on each other's puzzles. My interests in solving puzzles is to go first to Followers' comments, then to Animals (especially horses), then to Buildings, then to Transportation (especially cars). I love the various subjects. I feel I have made friends across the world by following individuals whose puzzles I enjoy.


I love Jigidi. I start each day with Jigidi and have for over 12 years. There is such a variety of shapes, sizes and types of puzzles, you are never bored. I really appreciate that the format isn't always changing. It's easy to navigate. There isn't one negative thing I can say about it.


Jigidi puzzles offers an excellent opportunity to engage in puzzle creating and solving. It provides a wide variety of photos from which to choose your puzzle and offers them at various numbers of pieces to your liking. I find it stimulates my thinking each morning and I enjoy seeing the photos. As well, any individual can supply their photo and determine the size and number of pieces for their puzzle. I have in the past used some of my late husband's photos and enjoyed seeing how many people chose to solve them. I believe Jigidi is the best puzzle program on the internet and would recommend it to everyone of every age!

Lori B.

I like Jigidi first of all because I love puzzles and secondly because you can create your own puzzle and that's why I like Jigidi because you can choose from a wide variety of puzzles because a lot of people from different countries with different cultures and tastes can create whatever puzzle they want


A great way to start your day with quiet beauty and get your mind moving on a positive note. Every person I've mentioned Jigidi to has grown to love it as an interesting and calming way to wait for appointments, waiting until it's sunrise or to enjoy making time pass. My sister told me about it and I've moved over 2 million pieces since. It's not only portable, but you don't get a sore back from bending over a table or sore eyes from light reflecting off the pieces. Your cat can't scatter them. They're already lined up in the position to fit together so no rotating is necessary. Much more fun. So many categories of interests and sizes of puzzles to choose from that this would be great fun for little ones.


I have been visiting jigidy for a number of years. I love the wide assortment of pictures to puzzle over. I enjoy not having all the puzzle pieces all over the table. Sometimes I do lose a piece, but usually locate it eventually. I love the fact that I can choose the size of puzzles and often have a choice. I have recommended jigidy to many others.”


Jigidi has changed the way our family solves puzzles. After retiring and downsizing, I had no way to do large puzzles. In 2012, I found Jigidi and have been at ever since. I even graduated to making puzzles and posting them on Jigidi. My grandson loves working puzzles on Jidigi. But for us the biggest benefit was for my husband. In 2020 he was diagnosed with Dementia. His doctor was very clear that he had to find things that would challenge his mind. He started with card games, etc but became bored doing the same thing. He saw me doing a puzzle and wanted to try. So we signed him up and he has done over 500 puzzles. Now that may not sound like a lot but the progress that he has made is amazing. He started out at 60 pieces and now is up to 120 - 150 pieces. He is very proud of himself for his accomplishments on Jigidi. I'm thankful.


I enjoy doing Jigidi puzzles daily, there are some really fantastic pictures and I particularly enjoy scenes, streets and unusual doors, but will have a go at whichever picture takes my fancy. Part of my daily relaxation.


I work with patients, it's nice but sometimes hard work. Jigidi relaxes me, recharges me, I forget the difficulties of the day. I use it every day. The puzzle makers are eager to put up the most beautiful pictures and we, the solvers, are eager to solve them. Sometimes the puzzles are difficult, but time passes and the expected picture emerges. It's a good feeling when you solve it. Jididi users are nice, friendly and helpful, and their puzzles sometimes only take a few minutes, sometimes hours, to forget the hard life, and there are Jidigi members I have been following for years ! Thank you for being there! Thank you for being such a charming, delightful community! I will stay with you, I promise! The whole world could learn from the Jidigi community and its spirit.


THANK YOU! I not good at typing or spelling any more. I am glad I found this site. I don't have to worry about any one tapping into my game! I am 73, and these puzzles help my hands to stop shaking. I don't get to do this as often as I would like.


When I am stressed, I come to Jigidi and am able to organize and make sense of things once again. It's a peaceful, elevated experience. Come on in!


I am a rabid Jigidi fan and have done over 5000 puzzles - 300 - 600 pieces. I love the variety, I love the cartoons and the little sayings that are posted and photos of so many new and interesting animals and places that I then research on Google. Jigidi is a joy and very educational. Highly recommend it.


Jigidi is great to fill in those "waiting moments" or to relax with after a stressful day. You can choose your level of difficulty and your subjects to reflect your mood.


A cousin introduced me to jigidi in the fall. Wish I had known about it when I was home for months. The other Puzzlers are kind, friendly, talented, unique people. I appreciate them very much! There's a vast variety of puzzles, including humor. Comments are at times fun & at others caring & supportive. Am grateful for this puzzling community OXO


I absolutely love Jigidi and scrolling through all the fantastic pictures people around the world want to share with me! I also love the aspect of creating my own pictures into puzzles to share with the world! It is also very relaxing to put together a 600 piece puzzles, and not think of anything else. The quality time I spend in Jigidi is worth the benefits I gain. Totally recommend everyone make Jigidi their "therapy" time.


Jigidi are wonderful jigsaw puzzles that are a good way to relax. It seems to me that this is a community of kind people who like people and that is a valuable commodity today. People seem to cheer each other on here and often write something nice and positive under the puzzle. That's a pleasure. I haven't accepted a new challenge yet, because I don't have that much free time and I'm playing it safe. It will be good to spread awareness of this wonderful site among good people... I'm cheering you all on...


This is such an enjoyable place to spend some time. There are so many puzzles made by the member’s who are from all around the world. There are topics from every topic of life. You can get to know some of the donors and see how much we are alike and what our differences are. It’s fun to see how many people work the puzzles you create and there is a size to please everyone. It’s a great way to get away from the world for a while. I’ve enjoyed it for a quite a while.


I joined Jigidi on 26 April 2011. I've solved 211292 puzzles (49 daily) and put together 3871843 pieces (898 daily). Now retired, this site is a godsend to me. One can only spend so much time watching TV so this site has been a wonderful way to keep my brain "active". There is a diverse selection of puzzles to chose from. Small ones, large ones, easy and difficult ones. It's fun to "kibitz" with other puzzlers.


I happened upon Jigidi when looking for online puzzles. I LOVE it. So many options and so easy to use. It's a very friendly environment. I usually do a puzzle every day to help me wind down after work. Can't say enough how much I enjoy it!


I just love Jigidi, I do my puzzles every day. I think that doing their puzzles keeps my brain working and my memory in excellent condition. I am 87 years young and would give up my TV and radio before I would give up my puzzles.


I started doing Jigidi puzzles after trying other sites that weren't as good. I like leaving comments about puzzles and thanking people for posting them. I've actually learned some words in different languages by looking them up to find out about a puzzle I've done.


I love Jigidi. It has provided many hours of happiness to me. I especially valued it during the Covid lock-downs. So many happy and colourful puzzles to do. There are puzzles of 54 pieces, and there are puzzles of 654 pieces, you get to choose.


I live in a tiny place and have no room for jigsaw puzzles, which I have loved for more than 65 years. I have JIGIDI on all day and have several puzzles I'm working on at any one time. I go in for awhile every day, no specific time limit, and let the exercise settle my brain. Every morning I search the new ones that I might like, 400+ pieces, and put them in Bookmarks. Since I often deal with anxiety, I work on several at a time, switching between them as I feel like it. These puzzles represent calmness and focus for my days, as sometimes my life is chaotic.


For eleven years I have enjoyed the most amazing free, on-line jigsaw puzzle site called Jigidi. I have been able to create puzzles, put puzzles together, interact with people from around the world and spend countless hours enjoying a time away from this busy world that we live in. I love Jigidi. ❤️⁀‿⁀❤️


I love doing puzzles, and when I was younger, I would do puzzles with three to five thousand pieces on a large table. Unfortunately, I had to stop doing that due to back problems, partly from leaning over the table to find where the next piece fit. When I discovered Jigidi, I was so happy because I can sit in a comfortable chair in front of my computer, and do any size puzzle I might like. There are so many choices of topics on Jigidi, and I do have some favorite puzzle makers I found on Jigidi. Thanks to Jigidi for making these puzzles available to me. I would recommend Jigidi to everyone who loves puzzles.


My mom was playing this when she came to visit during the holidays and it looked like so much fun! And when she said I can use my own photos to make puzzles with? OMG yes, please! I have been having a lot of fun winding down with a puzzle or three at the end of my night.


Jigidi provides me with a safe place to hone my skills of observation! What a sense of satisfaction when a puzzle is completed, nothing in the world like it. I love the different pictures, and often provide ones of my own - thank you Jigidi for all that you do for us!


I come to Jigidi every day as I find myself bored with retirement. I'm 75 and use it to keep my mind clear. I love the scenery puzzles and seeing places around the world that I will never get to. Keep up the good work. This is a worthwhile way to keep busy.


I enjoy solving puzzles, as far I can remember, I always love them. When I found out about jigidi puzzles, I was amazed that not only I could solve them, but I can load some of my own into the website.


First thing in the morning I visit Jigidi to share the puzzles I make with Jigidi friends from all over the world, and to work my way through the puzzles they've made. And there are always new friends to make here in this lovely fun world we share.


Try doing something more fun than idly surfing the net. Jigsaw puzzles keep your brain exercised. And you can tell your brain is working better as time solving puzzles gets shorter. Jigidi has a blog and a comment section for each puzzle. It is free, and if the advertisements annoy you, you can get a paid membership and eliminate those ads.


Hello, I started visiting jigidi because I enjoy doing puzzles and cardboard ones take up a lot of space and then what to do with them :) I haven't met my fellow puzzlers in person yet, but I have my favorites that I follow because they have beautiful pictures. Since I started using jigidi, I have gradually discovered a lot of little things and improvements that I now use and invite my friends to jigidi. It's a good relaxation and I think it trains my memory. I also get to know the life of ordinary people, from all parts of the world, it always makes me happy when they leave a short comment or respond to mine. I'm glad I could join in, I wish you all nice reviews, may you do well thank you.


Love Jigidi and go there every day when I can. It is no nonsense, gives everyone a wide choice of choices as to content, size and enjoyment. Thank far as I know there is always a great choice. Thank you Jigidi. My routine mail, Play Jigidi , start the day......simple as that. Thank you.


I have several puzzle apps, but Jigidi offers things the others don't. You can upload your own pictures for free and choose how many pieces you want it to be. You can even upload the same picture multiple times and make each one different sizes. You can keep these pictures private if you wish. You can follow people if you like the style puzzles that they upload. Searching for a particular picture is easy too. You can look at the most recent uploads, look at the people you follow, or search. To search, just type in anything from "kittens" to "Italy" and you'll get a lot of puzzles to choose from. And the ads are minimum compared to other puzzle sites. I love jumping on Jigidi when I have just a few extra minutes during the day and need to relax. It's fun, free and creative too. If you love puzzles, give Jigidi a try, you'll love it!


I have had hours of fun doing the puzzles. It takes my mind out of other pressing problems and affords me a peaceful time. I usually do some almost every evening. Besides all that I do not have to make room for the boxed puzzles I used to buy. Thanks you for the enjoyment and calming effect.


Thanks Jigidi or all the great puzzles for me to work on. You've provided an easy to use website and I appreciate your efforts on our behalfs. I've followed some other puzzlers and found inspirational artists. I'm just blown away by the artistic works I've found on Jigidy and exchanged comments with like-minded people in all the categories. It's so relaxing to work on a puzzle and talk about it with others afterwards.


I love the challenge of trying to be the fastest to solve the small puzzles and wish there were more small ones posted. However, I have learned the names of many flowers and enjoy the ones created for each holiday. The Good Night puzzles are a peaceful way to end puzzling for the evening.


I just love the variety of puzzles on Jigidi. People from all over the world get inspiration from the different subjects around them. You can find all levels of difficulty, whichever suits you. People are very friendly and I love that this site does not allow political or racial conversations. It is a fun place to pursue a fun hobby and it keeps your brain active, which is a great plus as you get older. So come and check Jigidi out, you will love it like I do. :-)


I love Jigidi! I was alerted to Jigidi by my daughter-in-law and now I'm addicted - I spend several hours every day here. I am an insomniac and since overnight TV is not worth watching, I spend my hours of darkness on Jigidi, keeping my mind active with interesting puzzles, which arthritis prevents me from doing in the 'real world'. I like the 'huge' puzzles ... and sometimes I even make the leaderboard! The people on Jigidi are friendly and welcoming and often add interesting information about their puzzles. It's a way of seeing sights from other countries - the scenery, the buildings, the wildlife etc and it is so interesting. Whether I have just a few idle moments or hours on end to fill, Jigidi keeps me busy.


I love puzzles. It brings me great joy to see the beauty people share with their puzzles. I see photos of countries people visit, of family farms, of pets, art work both famous and ones they made themselves. I love working puzzles too, so this is my favorite puzzle .com. Try it.


I have been enjoying Jigidi for quite a few years. I am retired and am definitely not a social butterfly, so I have lots of time to spend enjoying puzzles. I don't watch much TV and if I do watch something, I usually have my laptop on my knee doing a puzzle and looking up at the TV occasionally. I loved doing the huge Willimon puzzles, but recently have been doing the quick play ones and like being surprised by seeing what the puzzle is about appearing as I get further along into it. Honestly, if this was a money-making enterprise, I'd be doing my puzzles from my yacht in the Caribbean. I have a little bit of OCD personality disorder, so I like to "organize" the pieces before starting them and am not interested in seeing how fast I can complete them.


I've been obsessed with Jigidi for several weeks now and can't express the joy felt when a particularly hard puzzle has been completed. I don't post my times because I don't think of puzzles as something to race to the finish ( some of my times are a little too embarrassing ). It's a great way to keep the old brain ticking. Thanks Jigidi.


Hello. My friend introduced me to Jigidi a few years ago and I am so happy she did. I get a lot of enjoyment doing the puzzles. I do them nearly every day and it's great to see the comments other people write. Some puzzles people create are really difficult or amusing. It's better than watching the stuff on television, and it keeps your brain alert. I am nowhere near as fast as some clever people are but that's fine. I go at my own pace and just enjoy it. The small size puzzles are a challenge for me so I do the medium size ones. I did try the small size once and it took me ages to get it done, never again. I am grateful to the Jigidi owners who created this game we can play for free on line. Thank you so very much. I don't know how to create a puzzle, I enjoy doing it. There are many very creative puzzlers here doing a fantastic job with the puzzles. Give it a go future friends you will enjoy it I am sure. Happy puzzling everyone 😃😃


Jigidi is an amazing puddle challenge for any age person. I use it to sharpen my skills with matching colors and shapes. It’s great for eye hand coordination and just plain relaxation even though can raise heart rates at times. I haven’t tried to communicate with like minded people. Just go for it you might just like it.


As a senior, I've been a member of the Jigidi world for some 11 years now and thoroughly enjoy it! Jigidi took me to another level in “puzzeling" as I’d much rather puzzle online than putting puzzle pieces in front of me on a table, although certainly satisfying in itself. The challenges of a 600-piece puzzle is amazing, particularly dealing with a not-so large computer screen. When I get into the “zone” of Jigidi internet puzzles, I forget everything else on my mind, it is so totally relaxing, particularly with the larger, more difficult puzzles that take me hours over several days. However, I do enjoy puzzles of all sizes that I choose for their picture. My favorites, I screenshot them and place them on my desktop screen to enjoy for a few days and my husband looks forward to seeing my finished projects too. I have to say that I’ve tried several other jigsaw puzzle sites and Jigidi is my all-the-time, go-to puzzle site.


I enjoy Jigidi as a fun way to unwind. I've been on Jigidi for over four years. I like jigsaw puzzles, but don't necessarily like having to set up a table and spread out hundreds of pieces. There's a wide variety of puzzles, anywhere from 9 pieces to 600+. I enjoy turning pictures on my phone into puzzles as well. Both for my enjoyment and others.


I am a heavy daily user of this site, and come for relaxation and fun. I learn new and interesting things from fellow users which is always insightful and interesting. I follow certain users because I enjoy certain types of puzzles, especially the colorful ones. I use the Google Translate site to communicate with non English speaking users basically as a courtesy, and I enjoy their feedback. Comments from other users are often hilarious, and I immensely enjoy this community.


Over the years I've returned to this lovely, unassuming site, time and time again, because it has something for everyone in every mood. Whether it's a cheerful puzzle of a cute animal I can finish while drinking my morning coffee, or a real challenge full of bright and beautiful colors to return to on my work breaks... there's no shortage of relaxation and eye-pleasing fun to be had.


Jigidi is my go to site when I want to do jigsaw puzzles. If I'm in a hurry I can choose to do a small puzzle or I can choose a large puzzle to work over a few days. Since I joined Jigidi I'm able to bookmark puzzles I want to do but can't do right then as well as work on puzzles over a few days without losing any of my progress. If you enjoy online jigsaw puzzles, you need to join Jigidi, after all it's free. Also you can make puzzles and share them. Always something for everyone, so what are you waiting for join Jigidi.


I absolutely love Jigidi, I use it time of stress, relaxation, entertainment and just because its so great! I love that it is free and that we also can create puzzles from our own photos. Also, being able to do others puzzles is like going on a virtual tour of the world and brings me amazing places right to my screen. Its the simple things in life that bring so much entertainment and Jigidi is one of them!


Several years ago (way before the pandemic) I discovered Jigidi, and what a find it way! I had always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles, but you had to dedicate a space in the home to lay them out, and there they stayed until the puzzle was done. With Jigidi I can open a screen, do part of a puzzle, and then save it and close the screen until the next time I have a few minutes to challenge my mind and gain satisfaction from completing the puzzle! I have also compiled a list of puzzle "creators" that I REALLY enjoy, and I often go to their profiles to find puzzles that I want to do. Jigidi has given me an activity in my retirement that comes a close second to my very favourite activity of reading! Check it out gang -- you'll be glad you did!


I joined Jigidi about a year ago and it is the first site I go to each day to do a few puzzles. There are amazingly creative folks who develop puzzles, but in reality, anyone can make a puzzle and share it with others. I love the bright brilliant colours of many puzzles. I feel as if I am getting to know the creators.


Someone sent my husband a Jigidi puzzle, quite a few years ago, and I enjoyed putting it together. I did that puzzle several times and then came to the site and began doing other puzzles. I soon began posting puzzles of some items or some photos that I had taken. Eventually it became a way to destress after a difficult or tiring day. Now I do puzzles nearly every night to unwind before going to bed. I like the challenge and fun of completing puzzles. I usually have several puzzles I am working on at any one time. I've also enjoyed visiting with others who post puzzles; some in my country and several from other countries as well. I think perhaps what I have appreciated the most is seeing what is in other countries. It is often like a virtual trip to another place. And I post as Roseheather.


I solve puzzles on Jigidi, I can't create new ones. I spend my free time like this, solving puzzles to jog my memory and I enjoy it. I learn some new things and learn about nature in pictures or other interesting things from the world. I still use Jigidi in the same way I did the first time.


Jigidi is one of my nost enjoyed sites. As well as a huge variety of puzzles there are so many users who share bits of our lives and support each other by sending good wishes, commiserations and condolances across the world. I value this. I also find the Jigidi team are very happy to respond to any input from puzzlers. Jigidi is much more than just jigsaw puzzles.

Irene (Tuppence)

I love Jigidi! I try to complete a 400+ piece puzzle a day. I have fun doing it and it also helps me relax but keeps my brain active simultaneously. Thank you for continuing to offer so many different and interesting puzzles for me to complete.


I really enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and Jigidi allows me to do this at no cost and with an amazing variety of subjects. No tables to set up with jigsaw pieces just log on and solve. So much fun and very relaxing. Keep up the good work.


I came across Jigidi several years ago. I have always liked jigsaw puzzles, and doing them on line is great. No having to find a place to store a partly completed one, - it is right there, exactly where you left it, and no missing pieces either. I have learned about several painters, Keith Stapleton is one, I like his English village scenes ( I grew up in the UK, now I live in Alaska). I love the beach scenes puzzles, I always feel I am there feeling the ocean breezes (Leigh on Sea, Essex was my birthplace) and smelling the salt air, feeling my toes sinking in the wet sand. My favorites though are or were the Sunday Koday puzzles, so quirky, always made me smile. I'm always puzzled as to how on earth people complete them in an hour or so. They always take me hours, enjoyable hours though to complete.


I have always enjoyed making puzzles, from the time I had a 1000 piece Australian Map puzzle when I was little which I made so many times that I came to learn the geography of Australia by heart. As an adult, I found it fascinating of course that you could make puzzles on-line, and Jigidi is by far the best there is, imho. I've spent hours and hours here, creating some puzzles of my own as well, and find the Jigidi community an inspiration. I haven't personally met anyone else here, but I do leave comment every now and then, and read comments by others. And yes, like with that Australian Map puzzle, I have learned a few things here too! So, keep up the good work Jigidi! And tha


Jigidi is my favorite puzzle site on the web. I love the variety of puzzles and get on almost every day. When i can't sleep this is my go to.


Dear Jigidi, I came to Jigidi because I like jigsaw puzzles and yours was free. I tried other sites but this one was the easiest to navigate. I have been doing these for at least 10 or more years. Never joined because I only wanted to do the puzzles and no more. After the day is in and everyone has gone to bed, I will turn on the PC and get caught up on everything, and do the puzzles in peace and quiet. I am 82 and garden a lot. Now that it is winter, I get to do more puzzles. I have learned a lot from doing puzzles. They come from all over the world. One thing I learned was where cork comes from. It is a cork tree. Doing these puzzles is like taking a vacation without having to pay to go. Thank you Jigidi. You have the best setup, especially for older folks.


I chose Jigidi over another puzzle provider due to its unequalled number and variety of puzzles available. I also have used the option of posting puzzles of my own which is a really fun feature. I have also had questions that I presented to Jigidi and the response has always been prompt and informative. The effort to ensure that my question has been answered to my satisfaction is much appreciated. The exchange on these questions has always left me feeling like I was communicating with a personal friend. The monitoring of posted puzzles that is applied to make sure of the puzzle's contents. and appropriateness is also first rate. I have no fear of allowing children to log on to Jigidi. Thank you for the great site and keep up the good work, there are very few days that I am not on Jigidi doing an almost unlimited of excellent puzzles.


Jigidi is my favorite online puzzle site. The categories are extensive and you can find any type of puzzle you can think of. It's easy to go back to puzzles you started, and you can save a favorite puzzler when you find yourself wanting more of the type of puzzles they add. Since I found the site, I do puzzles here almost every day (multiple times!!!), and am always bookmarking the ones I'll do in the near future. I've recommended it to my friends and family as the best jigsaw puzzle site I've found. Thanks, Jigidi!


I love puzzles. Unfortunately, jigsaw puzzles do not last long at my house. I spread them out on the dining room table, sort all the pieces according to colour, find any straight pieces for the edges, and begin the puzzle. Invariably, something comes along and knocks a few pieces on the floor (my dog loves to eat them) or we need the table to serve a meal on or someone puts something on top of it, etc etc. When my cousin sent me a link to Jiggidi, I fell in love with it. I can do puzzles that are as simple or as difficult as I want. I can see scenes of cities or villages that are familiar or unfamiliar. I can go to the finest art galleries of the world and do puzzles of the fine masters works of art. I can put together portraits of people that may have had something to do with history and learn about them by the comments given by fellow solvers or by noting the names and looking them up. All the pieces stay on my computer screen. If I don't have time to complete one, I can save it for later. Jigidi is relaxing and fun. Users are generally pleasant people and you don't have to worry about trolls or insults. There is no bad news on Jigidi. It is a happy part of my day!


I am in a nursing home with all the time in the world, and JIGIDI has helped me spend countless hours passing time. I like the larger more colorful puzzles. New puzzles all the time. Keep up the great work


I have done online puzzles for quite a while, but I found Jigidi when I was not in a great place. It was just what the doctor ordered, and it was so much better than the rest. I so appreciate the courage of puzzle creators who put their work out there with no clue as to how we will receive them. I am happy to be a part of that group of puzzlers who don't care about the leaderboard but triumph in just completing the work. I love the variety. I try to puzzle every day and sometimes I reward myself with a puzzle for finishing something difficult or that I didn't want to do. I love the comments of other puzzlers. They range from kind to comforting to instructional. Some of the puzzlers have made me take a different view of a subject. I tell my friends that I am part of a community that is respectful, devoted, and determined to do a job for which we don't get money or credit. Some get it, others not so much.


I discovered Jigidi less than a year ago and enjoy it almost every day. I just recently created my first puzzle. Lots of people still seem to enjoy doing paper puzzles, however they have not likely tried Jigidi (and do not own cats!). Try it, you will love it.


I came to Jigidi May 2012 after my best friend had forwarded me a puzzle by email. I loved it and was sold. I could create photos of my shy kitty boy and show him to the world. The lovely comments to his photos warmed my heart. I needed that so much as I was going through a rough time after just having lost my dear husband 3 months earlier. Through the comments I have met so many nice people and became friends. We share laughter, but also sad occasions. Two Canadian friends even visited me whilst they were on a European holiday tour. We met up in 2016 and 2018. We're friends ever since! After almost 11 years being a Jigidi member, I still enjoy it every day. I post, I solve and I the evening I do "Jigidi Sudoku" on my tablet sitting in my lazy chair. I hope Jigidi will last me a life-time. Thank you🧡🧡🧡


I came upon jigidi when I was looking for something different to do besides crossword puzzles and mahjongg , I now spend most of the early part of the day doing jigsaw puzzles. I haven,t met any new friends or other people yet, I usually play while my daughter is getting herself together in the mornings, sometimes I stay on it longer, so as not to interfere with her stay at home job. The jigidi community helps to keep my mind together, and I enjoy seeing the different scenes and houses of other countries. I love jigidi!!


The Jigidi Community is very important to me. I always try to solve the puzzles...So I test myself my aptitude for colors of the most endless shades, continuously exercising my brain, my ability to define sets. I am 72 years old and EVERY day I practice these games. I like it very much! I recommend this exercise!)


I'm retired and 77. I live in an apt. complex in Vegas and everyday my BF comes over and while we watch the news or listen to podcasts, we do puzzles! He is into "racing" but I don't enjoy that, so I just do puzzles for the pleasure of them. We've been on Jigidi for 3+ yrs now and don't know what we'd do without it! It's the most incredible site for puzzles! Jigidi allows all users to create a "profile" page with as much info about yourself as you want to share! We can post 4 puzzles every 24 hours, get remarks and comments on every one of them and respond back! You can publish a puzzle and make it a mystery where the answer is revealed in a little box that pops up on the screen AFTER the puzzle is solved! Those who pay to join, are the ones that really make this site amazing! They create their own puzzles from scratch and they are totally incredible! You can also "bookmark" a puzzle for later too! :=) It brings people together from all over the entire world...not just the USA! Jigidi also keeps track of how many puzzles you solve too! You can also submit a complaint or "report" on a puzzle if you find it offensive and state your reason for concern. I have made so many "cyber" friends on here, I simply cannot believe it! :=) All I can say is...if you are passionate about won't find another better site in the entire world! Jigidi is the BEST puzzle site on the entire internet....period!


I have been solving puzzles on Jigidi for many years. The first few years I also tried out a variety of other puzzle sites but never found a site with so many puzzles and with such variety. I really like the fact that I can bookmark puzzles to work later and keep my favorites to work again.


I love Jigidi! Being able to sit down at my computer and work a puzzle is great. Also Jigidi is the only one that keeps its puzzle pieces in real shape and size. Everyone else makes them so odd shaped you can not really figure it out. Hope you never change that. (Everyone else has!) So you stand out from the herd. For that reason alone I share you with everyone I know that loves to do puzzles. Even in far away Australia, my niece now loves Jigidi. Love to comment to others on their creations, and likewise their comments on what I love to create. I do wish you had a light Terra Cotta color back ground. That color is one of the best for seeing other colors against it. My sister, an artist also noted that. I agree with her. Its a warm color, and all the colors you use for backgrounds are "cool" colors. Works the same way in painting your home rooms. People feel and look better against the warmer colors. Thank you all for all you do! Bless you!!!


I joined Jigidi in 2012 when I was laid up at home with a broken leg. I had been searching for a good jigsaw puzzle site when I found Jigidi. I've not been disappointed. I find it amazing you can both solve puzzles and also easily create puzzles. There are so many different creators that there is no end of entertainment. There is also a choice of size from 9 pieces to 600 pieces. I prefer the larger puzzles myself as they often provide wonderful challenges to keep my brain in gear. There is a second side of puzzling besides the assembly. The smaller sized puzzles provide a wonderful arena for socialization. I have quite a few individuals who I now feel are close friends even though we may live on different sides of the globe. This site offers a lot of entertainment whether you just want to assemble puzzles or post comments and meet lots of people. I prefer both and thank the founders of Jigidi and appreciate their efforts to keep this site safe and operating. Thank you!


A great place to make a personal gift that requires no packaging or fossil fuel to deliver and it can be regifted as many times as wanted without ever ending up in a landfill.


I came to Jigidi because the other free puzzle site I was visiting ran out of new puzzles. I have met the most wonderful people on Jigidi that have become more than friends. A few of us have turned into "sisters". I check my notifications in the morning before I start work and if any are important, I comment back. At night I relax solving puzzles from those "posters" I follow. And then I chat to my friends whose puzzles I have solved. I started with just solving puzzles. I didn't join. I was worried about who was on the site, but soon realized just how nice people here are, so I joined so that I could save and solve those puzzles I liked. Over the years (2016 to now) I have made such good friends and aquaintences. I would never have guessed. My "sisters" here have helped me through some trying times including the loss of my husband. Don't know what I would have done without them. So many puzzles come with the "source" tagged below the puzzle and you can click on that and learn all about the puzzle. Everyone should have this experience. Would never have thought that a random click would have turned into life long friendships.


I enjoy jigidi beacuse of the calming effect it has. Jigidi is very good for my mental well being.


Does life puzzle you? You no longer need to let it. Just tell it "I am going to create my own puzzles and/or solve what others post." It is so much fun. You can solve or make almost any size you want to. If you see a puzzle you like, but the number of pieces is not what you want, just kindly request the creator to repost with whatever number you want. Most likely you will be accommodated. You can have fun with one person or group conversing. Chase away the doldrums and get busy improving your brain's power in a pleasant way. What more can you ask for?


I love jig saw puzzles but my back won't let me sit bent over a table anymore. So this site is perfect for me. I love the choice in sizes, something for everybody. Myself, I like the challenge of the larger ones. I work at least one every evening.


I was introduced to Jigidi several years ago (Thank Goodness) it has given me many years of looking forward to the different artist and how they share their talent with all of the Jigidi puzzlers. I have told many friends and neighbors how to join Jigidi so they can enjoy the puzzles just like I do. When I first started I did not have the Essential Hand Tremor which I live with now, and it takes me awhile to complete each puzzle. I will always continue to look forward each day to the choices that you give me. Thank you so very much for many years of pleasure and fun. I will look forward to many more years of working puzzles...

Mary Ann

There are other jigsaw puzzle sites out there, but I think Jigidi has the best mechanics. I'm almost embarassed to admit how much time I spend on the site - 1-2 hours per day.


I joined Jigidi at the urging of a friend who sent me a puzzle in the mail. I found the site and have been involved in solving puzzles ever since. I haven't made any friends on Jigidi, it's enough for me to solve a few puzzle pictures a day. I like this service, I learn new things and get to know the beauty of nature and the history of many places. The puzzles of different antique interiors and historical buildings are also interesting. This creative community has intrigued me, even though I belong to the over 70 age group. Thank you


What would I do without you? I am 89 and do 4 or 5 puzzles of about 150 pieces throughout the day, following favorites and chatting with lovely people all over the world. I used to put on my own puzzles for others to enjoy, but don't do that anymore. You lovely Jigidi folks have always been wonderful if I ever asked a question . . . . big hugs to you all!


I liked to do crossword puzzles but I refused to put pictures together with my grandchildren. Then someone emailed me a birthday card as a puzzle, I just had some free time, so I solved it and just for fun I looked to see if there were more similar puzzles. There was. At first I just solved it, then later I tried sending in a puzzle of my own. I like to take pictures, I try to post a picture almost every day. Due to my age and health, I've been staying in the house and immediate area more lately. I already have a few friends on Jigidi with whom I occasionally have a few words. Sometimes I show off a product, sometimes a favorite food, I always like to please with a nice picture. I'm just doing little puzzles, time is passing fast and I need to get a lot done in my life.


I love Jigidi. The variety of puzzles to the level of challenge makes my selection process worth my while. It provides me with an opportunity to match my current mood. By logging in I can work on a puzzle during my lunch break and return to complete it at a later time. I always check to see if my time is within the top 10.




When I am stressed, I sit down and clear my mind by concentrating on a jigidi puzzle. I can choose subject and size, depending on how much time I want to allot to this activity.


A few years ago my son bought me my iPad … I was not happy, I told him he has wasted his money I will never learn it ! But I did and I found Jigidi … I have always loved doing jigsaw’s so when my son said I could do them on my iPad … well he showed me how to find a site and it was Jigidi that I settled with. I’m not sure how long I have been with Jigidi but I have done 6,873 puzzles, I think I am on page 275 ! I just love doing them, I have two “ real “ puzzles to do … one is the moon and one is the Earth both are actually round ..really round the moon was finished then I moved home and it had to be taken apart for the move now it is only half done …. Because I am always on Jigidi doing their puzzles, they are brilliant and have them for all ages … I am 72 ! So if you are new to Jigidi then you are in for the most wonderful ride of your life ! ENJOY


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than listening to podcasts or talking to friends on the phone, while doing Jigidi puzzles. The number of puzzles available is fantastic. If you have to stop before you're finished, Jigidi will remember the state of the puzzle, and present it to you again when you next log on. I think it's a wonderful website....


I don't know what I would do without Jigidi. I've spent so many hours listening to audiobooks and podcasts whilst puzzling. I'm grateful to my favorite Jigidi members whose pictures I love to puzzle over.


I joined jigidi in 2112, I think and have been doing several puzzles a day ever since, I have my favourites, especially Param and Debs, and we have become virtual pen friends over the years, I am 92 years old and jigidi is like a friend. I have always enjoyed puzzles but you cannot go past jigidi. Renee.😊 you may use my first name


Yeah, it’s just a very pleasant way of spending any spare time I have doing your puzzles. At present I’m only able to do this on my phone so I’m then pretty restricted to the 0 - 60 puzzles but most enjoyable nonetheless.


I love Jigidi. Ever since I discovered it years ago, I have been a fan and have spent many many hours doing the puzzles. I find it helps me relax and the puzzles are so beautiful. I have also enjoyed being exposed to sights around the world. I challenge myself by not looking at the picture while I do the puzzle. Therefore, I don’t usually make the top ten, but I get satisfaction from being able to don’t them this way and I enjoy the surprise I get when I finish the puzzles. Thank you Jigidi for all the many hours of entertainment.


Loved to do "real" jigsaws in my youth, but than I went off it. After my mums passing I looked up for puzzles again, back in 2012. I searched a few puzzle websides, but in the end, jigidi found my acceptance. I was not a member yet and I`ve had a break inbetween till 2019 when I eventually became a jigidier. Creating puzzles is easy, so I did that and solving puzzles, others created. Over time, I found motivs to my taste, and I found people to chat with -- all over the globe, mostly America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Europe. The card creator on jigidi is fun, maybe the motivs change from time to time -- we`ll see :O) Jigidi is a place to unwind and have conversation with others -- from deeper talk to pun fun.


Jigidi is very relaxing to me especially because I can carry it with me on my phone all the time. At the beginning I was a bit afraid of the larger ones, over 200 pieces and so. Once I had figured out how to organize the pieces I am now doing puzzles with 500 pieces and even more - on the phone and where and when ever I want! One could spend their time in far worse ways. As bonus one gets visually rewarded with beautiful, interesting, even thrilling pictures again and again.


I found Jigidi puzzles in 2014 and have been using it ever since. There are many things that make this the best puzzle site to go to. Not only do they offer wonderful puzzles to solve but you are able to comment on the puzzles and talk with folks from around the world and we become friends. Some puzzle posters even teach is about what is in the puzzle. We have "can you find" or "what do you see in this puzzle'. Those who are frequent puzzle solvers also are supportive of others who might be going through some difficult things in their life. During the first two years of Covid-19 this site was a blessing for all of us. It helped by keeping us connected with others and not feeling so isolated, especially for those who lived alone or in a residential care/nursing home facility. Being a nursing home resident, it has become my social network. Come to check the site out, I think you'll enjoy it.


A friend, knowing I like jigsaw puzzles, sent me a link to a puzzle and mentioned there were more than the one. It was two or three weeks before I discovered it was Jigidi. I told friends about it. One was my cousin. She signed on and finally convinced me it was safe to sign in. I have learned more about using a computer because of Jigidi. I needed to learn new programs to edit my photos for one. I am almost 87 and not as mobile. Basically confined to the house so Jigidi is my contact with the outside world. I have made friends on five continents and have met 14 or so in person. Without Jigidi I don't know what I would do throughout the day to keep my mind occupied. I've never been artistically creative but was encouraged to learn to make kaleidoscopes not long after I finally signed on and have been making them ever since. I love this site. often recommend it to others. Thank you Magnus and Mette and your staff. Jigidi is a joy and a blessing to me.


I love Jigidi. I spend a couple of hours a day doing random puzzles. My challenge is to do the puzzles without seeing the picture first. I love doing the nature ones the most. I enjoy medium size puzzles but don't like doing the small pieces because my eyesight is not the best.




I joined Jigidi as Brightspark on the 7th of February 2012, I am a Lover of doing real puzzles but this was my first time solving on my computer. It was the most amazing experience and I solved a few and was hooked. For about 3 years I only solved then I got the courage to start creating puzzles. From then on I have had such fun, posting puzzles and making friends from all around the world. I started solving Puzlman's puzzles and was mesmerized. From then on he was the first person I would look for every day. Then a few years back I started creating my own collages and loved solving them and found many others do too. Under Brightspark I do a Cup series and am on my 1, 273rd day of posting cups as well as doing a Heart ❤ series. As Sparklightie I do a Vintage series and am on my 1, 263rd day and every Friday I post a Friday greeting collage. I have made So many amazing friends and they have seen me through good times and bad, especially recently when my husband of almost 46 years passed away in October this year. I thank God every day for the wonderful gift you have given us of friendship and unity in the love for puzzling.


Years ago someone told me there was a jigsaw puzzle solving site. Jigsaw puzzles? Nice but can you do it on the computer? Well that turned out to be the case. I was immediately sold. Solving jigsaw puzzles is fun, but what might be even more fun is making your own puzzles and posting them on the site. And then the contacts you make through this site. Enjoy chatting with people all over the world. And sometimes also meet them. That's also how I met my best friend. Making puzzles for each other. Jigidi has become an important means of communication for many people who want to interact in a fun way. A day without Jigidi? I should not think about it. And perhaps very important for many people, it costs nothing and you do not enter into any obligation. Ank Mijn Engels is niet echt goed, ik heb er geen probleem mee als jullie de tekst verbeteren. ♥♥♥


Jigidi has been so good to me....I have met and followed many wonderful puzzlers who share the same interests. I use it as down time, when life gets busy, or I am stressed. Because I mostly choose Paintings as my favorite category, I truly have had an informal, yet comprehensive Art Education. It has certainly filled many hours for me, and calmed me down when life gets complicated, and given me a sense of accomplishment and a sense of competition, as I love to get on the leader board. It never asks anything of me, it's just there when I need it. I highly recommend it to anyone out there in cyberspace that is looking for a relaxing and rewarding past time.

Ank, Puzzeljac

Because I have many health concerns and am often in some pain, Jigidi jigsaw puzzles have been a big part of my life. When I need somewhere to turn to in order to distract myself from what is 'not right' with me, Jigidi is there. If I need something to add a little chuckle to enlighten a day, Jigidi is there. When I am lonely, bored, frustrated, Jigidi is a friend. I enjoy the visual reminders of what life was like so long ago for those who came before me, what the living quarters of the wealthy classes looked like, what the hard life of the peasants were like in the fields. I enjoy the humor of some of the 'sayings' on signs, etc. Even the puzzles that are simply patterns can fill time that seems to be merely creeping by. Often there are puzzles that bring joy, peace, calmness, and/or inspiration to my life. I thoroughly enjoy these puzzles and the variety that is always available. What I am saying is: Thank you for being there.


I wanted to do something to exercise and expand my mind. Came across Jigidi unexpectedly about 4 or 5 years ago and been a fan ever since. Most evenings I do a puzzle after dinner. I have travelled internationally quite a bit and find the international tenor of Jigidi choices and sizes to be invigorating for me. I am near 96 and like the various sizes available, historical, geographical, art- world through the ages.....inspiring. try to do 300 or fewer as that fits my 25- in. screen best for my eyesight. I have been missing an artist who used to be quite prevalent: Anton Pieck. I recommend jigidi to friends at every opportunity. Thanks to all the contributors!

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