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49 pieces (7×7)
Created by BirdNana
6 weeks ago
Even the birds were cold this morning!
Mrs Wren was sheltering for a while inside the bowl of the worms.
I wouldn't go as far as putting hats on them, though it looks mighty cute, but I mentioned to my husband that I wished I had some shelter for them all. This idea here would be almost perfect, not the colors! In winter and particularly with naked trees, birds do not like to attract attention.

2020 Dec 1st: almost everyone is home! I am only missing the Chipping Sparrow, the Chickadees turned up later. I'll keep an eye for the Chipping ones return.

And Juncos, I think they are the ones that love the winter the most! (*‿*)

The Blue Jays are gone... which is really not a bad thing because there is a big flock of Brown-headed Nuthatches at the peanuts.

So here is the head-count this morning:
Bluebird, Eastern; Cardinal, Northern; Chickadee, Carolina; Dove, Mourning; Finch, House; Goldfinch, American; Junco, Dark-eyed; Mockingbird, Northern; Nuthatch, Brown-headed; Robin, American; Siskin, Pine; Titmouse, Tufted; Warbler, Pine; Woodpecker, Downy; & Wren, Carolina.

I ❤️ & protect birds & my >^..^< would never had the chance to harm a bird.
I am a BIRDER that ❤️ CATS!

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