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Jigidi review criteria

When we review puzzles, we do it through all of the following four lenses:

  1. Does the title of the puzzle substantiate a breach of guidelines?

    For instance, a sexually objectifying or ridiculing title or description is a tell-tell about both the intention and the most common interpretation of the puzzle.
  2. Does the image bring anything other to the table than the subject which makes it a breach of Jigidi guidelines? And in a manner so substantial that the puzzle gets another overall focus?

    Art, history, comedy or something else?
  3. What are the reactions from fellow puzzlers? How do they respond to the puzzle?

    For instance, are the comments sexually objectifying someone – thus substantiating a breach of guidelines?
  4. Is the creator uploading many images that are seemingly seeking to test the line?

    Does the creator beyond that have a profile that seems focused on either political conflict, ridiculing content, sexual objectification or anything of the sorts presenting breach of Jigidi guidelines?
Last revision: 1 May 2020