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Non-Flash Jigsaw Puzzle Player

Latest at the end of 2020, Jigidi will leave the Flash Player behind as engine for our puzzle player for a new non-Flash puzzle player (you can read more about why we are taking this step on this blog post).

We will make the complete switch for all users once we have fully developed our new puzzle player.

We want to thank all of you for the feedback you generously give us along the way, while we’re developing our new puzzle player. It is invaluable when finding and fixing bugs, along with reevaluating features and designs that we may not have gotten right from the get-go.

Here, on this page, you’ll be able to follow the progress we make before finally making the complete switch for all users by latest end of 2020.

Change Log

6. Dec 2019

  • Fixed an error making it hard to move the puzzle by "dragging" the background of the puzzle solving area.

28. Nov 2019

  • Puzzles already completed will show up as so when opened again.
  • "Completion message" will show upon opening an already completed puzzle.

14. Oct 2019

  • Pieces are scattered inside the view when a new puzzle is opened.
  • Resuming an "In Progress" puzzle will restore the location and zoom-level of the puzzle.

7. Oct 2019

  • Fixed an error causing the puzzle to be hidden if the window has been resized while loading.
  • Added option to mute the sound. Available under the info-panel ('i'-button in top navigation).
  • Remembers the last used background color when opening a new puzzle.
  • Added a 'back' link to the last viewed selection of puzzles.

3. Oct 2019

  • Added sound when pieces are joined.
  • Added dots around the edge to make locating lost pieces easier.

2. Oct 2019

  • Fixed an error causing the puzzle to stop loading on some browsers (IE 11, Firefox 36, IOS Safari 8+9, and more).

1. Oct 2019

  • Puzzle pieces are no longer small or look ‘blurry’ on high-resolution displays (most modern mobile devices).
  • Zoom direction is reversed when using the mouse-wheel, making it the same on all our puzzle players.
  • Fixed an error causing navigation to be black (controls invisible) in full screen.

26. Sep 2019

  • Easier to switch between jigsaw puzzle players. Some users prefer to switch back to the Flash puzzle player till the non-Flash puzzle player is fully developed. Furthermore, some users prefer to switch between the non-Flash Player versions. Latest at the end of 2020 we will have only one puzzle player for everyone. But till then we acknowledge that it can be a bit of a bumpy road with all these new changes and therefore we facilitate going back and forth between the models you prefer.

15. Sep 2019

  • We made a release of the new non-Flash Player limited to 5% of our Jigidi users to ensure any significant bugs could be fixed before affecting too many users.
  • Time pauses automatically after a certain amount of inactivity. This makes manually pausing no longer an option, which creates a slight advantage for users who still use our other puzzle players (because they can optimize pausing to get faster scores). Once we make the complete transition to non-Flash, obviously, this new way to manage time will be the same for all users. The competition will then only be about solving the puzzle (not about optimizing your pausing skills).
  • Saving is done automatically on every piece move. There will be no need to save manually anymore.
  • A preview of the puzzle, you’re solving, and the leaderboard is now an option while solving.
  • Just as we have on the Flash puzzle player, an ad is shown on the right side while solving.
Last revision: 6 December 2019