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Mangoes are ripe!

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We've been having fresh Mangoes from Toyomi's tree - so many ripened at once that I've diced & frozen some for later. They're Kensington Pride variety & sweet & juicy :)))
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They sure WERE Mary:))) All gone now though!! Thanks!


They really do look good enough to eat.


Is your mouth watering IF? :))))) With Mexico's climate you should get nice ones from there! I've got a couple of favourite varieties - one is Calypso - yum!!! These ones here are lovely & sweet, and it was the largest crop in years!!! Thanks!!


Ah, those look good, robryan. I loved mangoes when I was growing up in Africa; it's still my favorite fruit. We prepared them the same way as in your photo on the right. We couldn't get them in the USA back in those days but they're fairly commonly available in stores now. Most seem to come from Mexico. Years ago I visited a farm near Cairns, QLD and they had over 20 varieties.


LOL!! He's crazy, but nice-crazy Floyd :)))) Mango on muesli is SO nice too!! Thanks!!


Looks great and I'm sure they are. Dave must havd had the repeat key on. on, on, on,
Thanks Rob.


LOL!!! I guess he wants fresh mango REAL bad Robbie:))))


I didn't quite catch the last word from Dave.................


Thanks Robbie - our mangoes are spray free & delish :)))) I'm pleased you liked my earlier puzzles too :)))) Thanks!

Sounds like they had this effect on quite a few Sandy :)))) Thanks!

We have stringless varieties now Laura - so no flossing needed :)))) Thanks!

Thanks tex - yep - papaya or paw-paw is right up there with mangoes in summer!! Thanks!

Will do Gracie - but you'll have to be quick :))) Thanks!

Just plain delicious Suzy :)))) Thanks!!

LOL!, LOL!!! Gee - do you like them Dave? LOL!! I'd never guess!!!! Thanks!




Can't even begin to imagine fresh mangoes picked from the tree to the table!


My favorite! they are so juicy! just keep some for me Rob


Oh, yes, power food! Papayas, too. Thanks, RR!


I love mangoes, except when the string gets stuck between my teeth. Mangoes come ripe all at once and when they do...bang!


Oh yummy! Your great photo are making my mouth water robyn!


Hi Robyn, I just solved a few of the later ones, love the grasshopper and moth and bee! Your fruit looks so lush and tender, I only eat the yellow flat ones when available. They are all imported and for some strange reason these rounder ones are usually hard and not very tasty.......probably picked too early and sprayed with diesel or something horrific! Thanks, all lovely puzzles!


LOL!! A fair way away from you Francamia - Brisbane:)))) You'll have to be quick though - they're almost finished!!!!


OK robyn, where do you live so I may grab some...................Yum...........Thank you....


I'll think of you when I spoon some on my muesli tomorrow morning Barb:)))) Truly :))) Thanks!!

LOL!! Not a pretty sight Sally :)))) Pull it in - you'll ruin the keyboard !!!!!! Honey Gold are nice, but my next favourite are Calypso variety!!! Thanks:)))

OOHH!! Lucky you Nev - I hope you enjoy them :)))

Sweet & juicy Beekay, sweet & juicy :))))


Oh my, does that look good! It is impossible to buy edible ones here :-(


Tongue hanging out and drooling here, Rob... We only have honey gold right now which are good, but not a patch on Kensington Pride... You lucky girl.... 。◕‿◕。


I love mangoes, Rob :) Too bad I don't have any at home :(
Thank you for the great picture :)))


Sorry about that Shirley :)))) They always ripen later than the northern mangoes - so it's nice to have them now!! Thanks!!!


Oh, Rob, you are making my mouth water, I love mangoes, Thanks Rob, for tormenting me :))))

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