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Fence long forgotten

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My brother bought the neighbors old farm and we are starting to try to bring it back to the beauty that it once was. This will be an extremely long project and I will try to find some interesting pics. Have fun, Dave
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  1. Jejegasa1:15
  2. Dclo1:32
  3. Logophobic1:32
  4. Jyj1:44
  5. janaz1:48
  6. mariolyn1:50
  7. Ronniew1:54
  8. platypus601:55
  9. bigmomma442:00
  10. girch2u2:04


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You are very welcome mariolyn. I have another one of a fence real recent but can't remember if it was a couple of days before or after this one? Have good eve, Dave


Fences are my thing, so thanks.


This is beautiful and makes you want to take a walk through the field. Looking forward to the work in progress ☺


Thank you Wanda and to you PW for your "Yay but boo but yay" quips! Putting up number 10? in the buggy series like 9? pm cst. this eve. Thanks you two, Dave


I really like your postings, Dave. Many of them have so much character. Look forward to more Amish themed pics. Have a great day/week. Wanda


Are you coming to de-fence? Even though it is barely seen, it is still not of-fence-ive.


Thank you dusty D, D


Nice photo....I'll be watching to see the progress.....Have fun!



That is a very nice thing to say Wanda and I really appreciate that. I have said before that quite often some of my pics aren't very popular but I publish what I think is "neat". I have seen your name quite often and that is nice to see. I have a few more Amish buggy pics to go, keep an eye out! (but good grief just don't take an eye out)!! Ole Davey boy


Thank you jeje. It was a "sizeable (120 acres) gentleman's farm w/ horses" in central PA. They used to have horse shows there etc. He passed away 15? years ago and she is in very poor health and is now no longer in the home. It is time for a changing of the guard so to speak. Anyway, thanks for playing. Like always I'll try chasing you around on here later this eve, HA! Dave


Thank you, Dave for your wonderful postings. Look forward to the restoration pics. If this old fence/gate could talk. Wanda

That will be very interesting to watch this farm come back to life with your photos Thank you for sharing :)

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