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#4 Back on the lake. The lake view from my table at the restaurant.

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That's my red/white Sea Doo.
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Jack, I ordered a walleye fish sandwich, and ice tea, but couldn't finish the sandwich, it was too much. What I ate of it was good. I will eat fish if it doesn't taste strong. Last night a neighbors jet ski sunk in the channel. It took 8 of us, a truck and a van, chains and straps to get it up and out.
1 and a 1/2 hours later, we had it on its trailer. I'm glad is wasn't MINE!

Thanks Morris, it runs really well. I've been all over the lake with it. It's a 2 stroke, so I have to keep check on the oil that mixes with the gas. Don't want to burn the engine up!


The sea doo looks good out there.


What do you order at the restaurant?


Good morning Pat. I make myself get out, I'm working on trying to feel normal.
Sometimes, I almost make it...for a little while.
Thank you for dropping by. :o)


Good morning Jeannie Nice to see you are using the seadoo an getting out on the lake... Thinking of you...


Hi Faye, guess I'd better lace up my hiking boots a little tighter, huh.


You might not get "over" the mountain but you will get higher up where the view is better. Chin up! :)


Hi Yellow gal, I've not been to all the spots to stop yet. :)
This mountain may take me the rest of my life to get up, because I'll not get over it.

Well hello there, 9 places spots to eat at on the lake?? I could handle that, a person could try one every few days or so, then go back & start all over . . . . .hmmmmm. Putting one foot in front of another is a good way to climb a mountain! :))


Suzy it is a great view there, very relaxing.

Lyndee, thank you. I'm glad you came along. I had a fish sandwitch, and couldn't finish it! Stuffed.

Hi Faye! Glad to see you back! I'm trying to get out some, I breath in and out, and put one foot in front of the other. I'm so glad Snooker told me about Muffin, I wish her well, and hope to see her on Jigidi now and then. Just hope she's all right.


A fine spot to have a bit of food. :)
Enjoy, Jeannie.


Nice boat Healer. Thanks for letting me come with. I don't know about you, but I'm stuff! LOL


Right on!!! Going out on your own...and to dinner no less! AAAAAAND a message from Muffin! Two thumbs for you and one for Muffin! :DDD


Oh snooker, thank you so much. Tell her I think of her too, and miss not seeing her posts.
That was kind of her, and you too. She's right, it's difficult. Everything is difficult. It's such a lost empty feeling, and nothing takes it away. I'm sorry for her loss as well. Hugs to both of you.

Have a message for you from Muffin. She has been keeping an eye on you, having been widowed herself, and she said it does get easier and that she is proud of you for going to dinner alone. It is a difficult thing to do the first few times. Hugs from her.


Thanks snooker, It is.
And there are 9 spots to eat on the lake, I believe, that you can get to by boat. And a couple of pic-nic areas as well.

What a way to spend the summer. Looks so inviting.

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