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1950"s Hofner carved top and back - Back is one piece flamed maple
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News flash. The 3rd shop, the one I took the van to today, told me that the brake fluid has been contaminated. I knew instantly what had happened. My husband was a mechanic for many years, but a year or so ago, he was topping off the fluids in my van..........and poured transmission fluid in the brake reservoir. I am just SICK! And shop #3 jumped all over me when I asked about getting a $150.00 rebuild kit for the ABS module. Dick, the owner of Phase 3, said that there is no way that he would consider using a kit. He'd rather find a used module in a junk yard and put that in. BUT, that brings me back to the fact that the damned van was only produced for 2 years before getting dropped, so just how many used modules ARE there? I am just ill...............

Had exactly the same issue on one of those vehicles a couple of years ago. Slight leak at bottom of windshield allowed water to leak down into area behind glove compartment directly on the computer components. The shop that repaired it replaced the computer only to have the problem return - then found the leak and resealed the windshield. Look for sign of water stain on top edge of carpet above the footwell. Google it - (you tube) only a few screws and clips, to remove glove compartment and access the connections and clean all including the mounting area and screws (grounding) ! Take a photo of the bar code on the unit if you do get in there - you'll need it to identify the correct rebuilt or used unit if required. Might solve your problem on your own! Good luck..
And yes I do have a beautiful collection of guitars - many more than my wife thinks are necessary! - BTW - who built that beautiful carved guitar? Body shape and pick-ups looks kind of like a Fury, hand made (even the pick-ups) here in Canada.


Ha! I figured you must be a guitar enthusiast, since you read my tale of woe on Joe's guitar puzzle, then wrote to me on my guitar puzzle! BTW, (I did the puzzle but was 4 seconds behind heagerty.) A thousand thank yous for giving me hope that I'll be able to get my van SAFELY on the road without having to rob a bank! :o)

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