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  1. teamraad7:07
  2. toneb7:51
  3. DukeGB8:16
  4. j54c8:22
  5. TrevorM11238:36
  6. lolacynch8:46
  7. Dizzyvic9:16
  8. pandosu9:18
  9. audreybiringer9:22
  10. picksycap9:25


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Such a charming scene; maybe I could get a taxi to drive me up and down the hill again.....thanks, rosta.

Thanks for the info. Thanks also for the chuckle I had about once up this street was enough.

Typical English Weather! However, the moss grows so prolifically because there's hardly any traffic, not because of an excessive rainfall. I have walked up this street. Once was enough!

I don't know what the weather is like here, I only know I wouldn't want to live off of this street. Might make a good ski run if it snows enough. There seems to be a lot of moss between the cobblestone which tells me it must rain a lot and maybe there isn't much traffic on this street. Gives me the shivers trying to navigate up/down this street.

Lovely picture, but it isn't Scotland. It's Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset where they filmed the Hovis adverts.

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