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Even the birds were cold this morning!
Mrs Wren was sheltering for a while inside the bowl of the worms.
I wouldn't go as far as putting hats on them, though it looks mighty cute, but I mentioned to my husband that I wished I had some shelter for them all. This idea here would be almost perfect, not the colors! In winter and particularly with naked trees, birds do not like to attract attention.

2020 Dec 1st: almost everyone is home! I am only missing the Chipping Sparrow, the Chickadees turned up later. I'll keep an eye for the Chipping ones return.

And Juncos, I think they are the ones that love the winter the most! (*‿*)

The Blue Jays are gone... which is really not a bad thing because there is a big flock of Brown-headed Nuthatches at the peanuts.

So here is the head-count this morning:
Bluebird, Eastern; Cardinal, Northern; Chickadee, Carolina; Dove, Mourning; Finch, House; Goldfinch, American; Junco, Dark-eyed; Mockingbird, Northern; Nuthatch, Brown-headed; Robin, American; Siskin, Pine; Titmouse, Tufted; Warbler, Pine; Woodpecker, Downy; & Wren, Carolina.

I ❤️ & protect birds & my >^..^< would never had the chance to harm a bird.
I am a BIRDER that ❤️ CATS!
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  1. dotshell2:21
  2. birdlady733:18
  3. crashnot3:26
  4. rndixon3:26
  5. revreb3:36
  6. janibacsi3:52
  7. Pekaji3:53
  8. nanab4:00
  9. BirdNana4:17
  10. cannylady1014:20


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Wow! The coast is always good. Here in NC the people in the coast have great numbers of migrants, some that stay and some that keep going. They also get the occasional that flew too far. I wonder what it is about the coast... food, fish?


I just participated in the Christmas Bird Count and organized the count at our 2500-resident retirement community. We had 51 species of birds! Dotty


So nice to officially meet you Dotty!
That was because it gets quite colder in Texas. I lived 13 years near Tampa... practically no birds, no change of seasons, no winter... it was too hot for me but the market kept us there.
The only regular birds I had were Mockingbirds... each pair adopted a house/tree in my neighborhood of short of a 100 homes. And Mourning Doves. The occasional Cardinal (sometimes the couple) always to bring a message. And during "winter time" there was a tiny bird I never got to ID. Oh and the flock of Waxwings would stop in transit.
But I was blessed with all the herons, the Sandhill Cranes and the White Pelicans every year.
Here in North Carolina I have over 25 different birds, according to season but some are year round.
I will definitely check out your puzzles!
I probably don't have that many, I delete what does not become popular. But I am crazy about birds! Just about a year ago we adopted a kitty and now I am struggling with priorities all the time. (~‿~)
Thank you for your visit, will see you soon around your puzzles!


BirdNana, I had to check your profile because of the name--I'm a birder also. Enjoyed this collage of birds at feeders. I miss the dark-eyed juncos I used to see in Texas. (Am in sunny Florida full-time now.) If you enjoy bird collages, go to my puzzle page, scroll back quite a ways and you'll see collages of bird photos I have taken, some from last April migration. Enjoy! Dotty


I did the same helping with the lights outside. Few Aleve later and rest, I am much better. Joanne, you and I, and now I have the big window but not the stamina to put a big one. Tubs and tubs in the garage for nothing. Glad I gave a lot of ornaments and big tree stand to my neighbors in Florida before we left. Always the intention of downsizing, at least a bit at a time. Take care!


Be back, busy morning! (*‿*)


The hawks do a fly by here but don't stay too long, a band of crows send them along.


Interesting! We actually have a number of large Hairy Woodpeckers visit. There are at least 2 males and 1 female. I'll have to ponder that solution by watching to see how the Blue Jays act when the woodpeckers are there. However, they seem to all get along quite well together. The only time we notice the Blue Jays missing is when a hawk or Bald Eagle stalks our Beastro. We just had a thought: maybe a plastic owl would work but then it would probably keep everyone away. LOL

Thanks for the suggestion. It definitely may be worth a try. I love the woodpeckers. They are well behaved and beautiful. One interesting thing that we've seen twice: a woodpecker was at the suet feeder and was holding absolutely still for a period of time. This was strange behavior. Roy saw the hawk in the tree. Now we can tell when the hawk is around because the Hairy Woodpecker will tell us. I'll be devastated if I find the remains of a woodpecker. So far we've lost a Mourning Dove and a Chickadee and I always feel bad when it happens. But, it's the circle of life and the rules of nature.


Hi Mila, No, I've been kind of quiet lately. We are still getting the house organized. Since we can't have anybody over and we're not going anywhere ourselves we haven't pushed it. I've been aching like crazy also because Roy built some raised planting beds for vegetables next summer. I helped him moved the dirt around. I have a lot of structural problems and when I get in pain it likes to stick around. So I understand when you say you are taking it easy. My big thing every day, when the weather cooperates, is to go and feed our squirrel family their peanuts. Their antics give us a lot of laughter. If we just leave the nuts out, the Blue Jays will take the majority of them and they're more expensive than seed.

We have some wonderful decorations for a tree. I always want a big, big tree. Roy just laughs at me when we can sit on the sofa and actually touch the tree because it takes up the whole room. But how else can you put on all the decorations. LOL At least now we just have to walk around and pick what tree we want from our own property. Maine is the Pine Tree State after all. We really haven't talked about it too much.

I have a lot of the largest puzzles bookmarked and I've been spending time on assembling them. So I guess I've been more in the puzzling mood than the socializing mood.


Passing along a hint for @crashnot and others. : )
A gal here had a terrible problem with Blue Jays taking all the sunflower seeds and peanuts, she tried so many tricks and finally got a plastic life-size woodpecker, it worked like a charm.


Hi dear BB, all well at this end, all under control! Even though the wind was chilly this morning it was glorious in the amount of wings! Oh I forgot to fix that the Chickadees came later. They were smart and waited until the morning was less cold, though the wind was kicking all morning. Happy December!


Hi Joanne! So good to hear from you. I checked and you haven't posted updates from the house. All set? Are you putting any Xmas decorations?
Aw, those Blue Jays, is puzzling to me. I think the aviary is a great idea and great project for Roy.
Dealing with my back so I am not pushing myself and taking it slowly. And my neck pain, would you believe it was as simple as a new pillow.
You stay safe and healthy also. {{{hug}}}


Fun colorful collage. I enjoyed reading the list of guests that you have.
Happy December.


Hi Mila, You probably knew this one would catch my attention. Thanks for posting it.

Our Blue Jays are still intimidating all the other creatures visiting our Beastro. They chase the squirrels and steal their nuts and they rapidly eat all the sunflower seeds and take over the feeders. We set up a weighted feeder which closes when an overweight Blue Jay lands on it. However, we do have a number of birds which manage to sneak in and get their treats: Finches (gold/purple), Chickadees, Rose Breasted Nuthatch (lonely), Mourning Doves, Evening Grosbeaks, Hairy woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers. Our little Baltimore Oriole is seen no more and I hope she's made it to a warmer destination. I hope we can attract some cardinals but they are rare in this area.

I've rescued a number of birds over the years and kept them until they were able to fly away. I've always wanted an aviary so I'd have a safe place and then they could make their own choices for entering the wild. Maybe someday it'll happen.

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy and safe.

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