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When you see this beautiful paiting, you think of the song Starry, starry night.
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  1. dogs_n_me2:06
  2. imori2:52
  3. Deanna2:58
  4. Ianto3:00
  5. mapletree3:00
  6. gerdje173:01
  7. Strutsi3:07
  8. jxner3:10
  9. emmandjay3:11
  10. ihis3:12


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Dank je wel Annetta.


Jolein, ik heb een puzzel van mijn nashi boom op de site gezet.
Praktisch rijp... nog even wat zachter worden.

Thank you for your compliment Marina.


Stunning painting. Thank you very much for sharing it. Marina


Jolein thank you very much, it's very kind of you. I started with my photos on a small number of pieces. It's my style I've been doing since I first came to Jigidi. Of course, I was thinking about a combination of sizes or creating another profile for a larger number of pieces. Now I will stay on my profile with fewer pieces. I will definitely create a second profile where I will give my photos with more pieces. Will it might take a while. Currently, I do not have enough time for two profiles. I'll definitely do it later, thank you for your understanding. Thanks again, and I wish you nice spring days. Deanna :))

Thank you for your compliment Deanna. I keep you with my favorites because I love your photos.
Can you perhaps also make some puzzles with more pieces from you photo's, please?


Jolein thank you for the beautiful painting of Vincent van Gogh. I love impressionists and I have seen some of their paintings in museums in Europe. It's always an interesting experience. Your choice is really great :))


Prachtige synchroniciteit!

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