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June 4 is National Cheese Day

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Another quick stop at Foodimentary.

Did you know…

Daily Fact: Cheeses are more flavorful at room temperature. Let them stand for a half hour before serving.

Today's Food History

1845 Hatch's sowing machine for wheat, oats and other grasses was first demonstrated.

1895 African American inventor Joseph Lee patented a machine for "bread crumbing." It was intended for use by restaurants to crumb large quantities of bread scraps.

1936 Sylvan Goldman ran a successful chain of grocery stores, where customers could carry hand baskets while they shopped. In 1936, when he was a major owner of the Piggly-Wiggly supermarket chain, he invented the shopping cart. He got the idea from a wooden folding chair. He designed the cart by putting a basket on the seat, another below and wheels on the legs. He and a mechanic, Fred Young put one together with a metal frame, and wire baskets. The frames could be folded up and the baskets stacked, which took up less storage room. Customers were reluctant to use this new contraption, so Goldman hired fake shoppers to wheel the carts around pretending to shop so people could see how useful the cart could be!
They became a hit, and he formed a new company to manufacture the carts. It is hard to imagine a supermarket or discount store without shopping carts today.

1970 At the 43rd National Spelling Bee, Libby Childress wins spelling the word 'croissant.'

1974 The Cleveland Indians were playing badly, and fewer and fewer fans came to watch them play. They had a 'Ten Cent Beer Night' to bring out the fans. Only 22,000 fans turned out in a stadium that could seat 60,000, but they made up for the low numbers by becoming so drunk and unruly, going on the field and disrupting the game, that the Indians had to forfeit the game to the Texas Rangers.

1980 Earle McAusland, publisher/editor of Gourmet magazine, died at age 89.

2007 Vincent Sardi Jr. died. He operated the famous Broadway restaurant Sardi's for 50 years. He retired in 1997.
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I had a friend in the Birmingham Bridge Club named Harry Harrison. And of my next door neighbors right now, the father and son are Harry and Harrison. When I met the bridge club Harry Harrison I asked him if he was a science fiction writer. He looked baffled and said no, an accountant. So I explained.


Permission granted, of course, as you correctly expected. I think, though, that it was not humorous or a parody as I remember it. I think it was in the vein of cautionary tales. But it's been a very long time so go ahead and good luck.

My favorite humor in sci-fi will always be the fact that Bill The Galactic Hero had two left arms. It being the future, when his right arm got blasted off in a battle it was no big deal. On the hospital space ship they could graft on a new arm. But it also being the military, which never changes no matter what century it is, they were out of right arms so they put a left arm on his right shoulder! What a riot!


Yes, he's amazing. But Ben's in Florida, so when I manage to get to a conference or convention, he's there. I haven't seen him in a few years and don't know if he's still strong.

With your permission, I'm going to copy and paste and send 'your' version to a few writers and editors to try to identify it. It sounds like a parody, and since humor in science fiction is my specialty, I need to know about it. THANK you!


Holy mackerel, he's still alive! 87 years old and still going strong. Wow.


I remember reading "A Sound of Thunder" long ago, but the story I just related was different. I remember it having a line drawing illustration, so it was probably in a pulp fiction magazine. Maybe the time machine killed a different kind of bug, not a butterfly. All I remember clearly is the illustration showing the time machine in a big field and the decaying city in the background, and the bugs with tools cutting through to get at the humans within. To get around the plagiarism issue it must have been pretty different from Bradbury's story.

By the way, I write and I think I can, but every time I read Bradbury I despair because he is such a wonderful master of the writing art. You actually knew Ben Bova? Wow. I've had some famous friends and acquaintances, but I'm still impressed.


Wait, what? Was this a parody of Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder"? Or are you pulling my leg??

Actually, true story: "Sound of Thunder" was published in 1952 and was routinely translated into other languages. A fellow in Japan -- or perhaps he was Japanese-American, I heard this story long ago -- liked it, but this was long before the Internet, so he typed it up, changing a few words, and re-titled it "A Roaring Sound of Thunder."

He sent it over the transom to a science-fiction magazine, and a week later got this reply from the editor: "We do not publish plagiarized stories. I have notified all the other editors at the other SF and fantasy zines of your name and of what you did. We are all friends and we tell each other when beginning writers pull bad stunts. You will never be able to publish with any of us, so please find another line of work."

I heard the story from Ben Bova, who was one of the notified editors.


There was an old short story about the dangers of time travel, in which the scientists built a sealed, glass domed time machine so as not to pollute the past. However, when it materialized outside of a big city it crushed a butterfly. They didn't know this, of course, and stayed right there, made observations and then went BACK - TO THE FUTURE! (heh-heh) Later they returned and everything seemed as before, until they noticed that the city was deserted and starting to fall apart. And then a butterfly landed on the glass dome, and more butterflies, all with little tiny tools in their hands, and started sawing and drilling right through the glass and metal to get at the scientists within!


Oh, they let me know when they are! ☺ There's one bunch that really seem to have it in for me lately. Switchblades and zip guns! Yikes!


I hope the colonies of bacteria living in and on you weren't offended. :)


Honey is the pure essence of goodness, the nectar of the gods, blessed by Zeus, Odin, Apollo, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, L. Ron Hubbard and his desciples on earth, Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Why else would it never spoil or rot? Any who say otherwise are doomed, cursed in every corner of the earth, even Beverly Hills.


OK Pat, now tell the people about honey.

This should open some eyes.


OMG, Pat, that is hysterical!!! Never thought of it that way!!! LMAOFOF


I'm sorry but . . . . . . . . YUCK cheese.

To make cheese you take perfectly good milk and contaminate it with certain kinds of bacteria. Also known as germs. The germs eat up the milk and excrete it, and what's left forms cheese. So cheese is germ poop. And Swiss cheese, of course, is germ poop with little collected fart pockets.

I know all this because I am an educated man with a degree in Liberal Arts, Magna Cum Laude. I learned it in a microbiology course at a major American university when I was a candidate for an undergraduate degree. ☺ ☺ ☺ (Hee-hee-hee......ducking and running for cover!) ☺ ☺ ☺


Yum cheese


DJ, some people like to celebrate early...
jimez, yup, they're addictive. (At least you didn't suggest they're cheesy — — oops)


The day to create new DAD jokes. :)


I think I have seen those already at some stores!!!


DJ, you know, you're right!

This is the time for entrepreneurs to develop tractor-trailer shopping cart trains, to be introduced at the same time as the Covid-19 vaccine. No ring tones for the horns, please ♥♥♫☼


I'm voting for Fiona as Queen of the National Cheese Day!!!
I actually saw a short documentary of Goldman and his shopping cart. The reason he invented it was basically greed!!! The women could only carry so much in the hand baskets because of weight, so they quit buying and checked out. He wanted them to buy more, hence the shopping cart!!!! Have you noticed how the shopping carts keep getting bigger and bigger!!!


LOL. Foodimentary doesn't tell us, so I'll decide by myself. You do so too.


OK, I give up. Who is the National Cheese?

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