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Flowers P

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Painted Daisy. (Tanacetum coccineum).
Pansy. (Viola wittrockiana).
Passion Flower. (Passiflora).
Peace Lily. (Lilium).
Pelargonium. (Angel Eyes).
Penstemon. (Beard Tongue).
Peony. (Paeoniaceae Family).
Persian Buttercup. (Ranunculus).
Peruvian Lily. (Alstroemeria).
Petunia. (Solanaceae). Nightshade Family.
Phlox. (Jacob's Ladder). Polemoniaceae Family.
Pincushion Flower. (Scabiosa).
Pink Lady's Slipper. (Cypripedium Orchid).
Plume Celosia. (Cockscomb). Amaranthus Family.
Pointsettia. (Christmas Flower, Easter Flower).
Polyanthus. (Streptocarpus polyanthus).
Poppy Anemone. (Coronaria).
Portulaca grandiflora. (Moss Rose).
Pot Marigold. (Calendula officinalis).
Powder Puff. (Calliandra).
Primula. (Primula vulgaris). True Primrose.
Purple Coneflower. (Echinacea).


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lovely. Thank you for the puzzle.



Beautiful expression of 'P' flowers. There are so many gorgeous colors. Thanks. Sandy

Thank you for these gorgeous flowers.


Thanks for the beautiful Flowers P Puzzle, Cuetsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!