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My Parents

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  1. Ianto11:05
  2. Trishd14713:12
  3. frankjones24:53
  4. Andrew226:35
  5. Dafna324632:15


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Would it make a puzzle?


My fathe was a gardener, every plant that heplanted succeded.
He plant my garden. There are many trees, and a circle in the middle.


Beautiful photo of a beautiful couple with a beautiful story! b'H!


My mother was grat. she handles a club of the city in a poor place.
No girl moved to the bad side, and there was less criminality, the Police said so.
When she was old' a fater came with his boy' and tell him :"this woman saved my life, and your life. Thanks to her I left my crimes,so I was not killed for them, I married and you were born.


My father was so good' he didn't see a wrong in anybody.


What a beautiful couple! May their memory be a blessing. . . .


This is an old picture that I had.
They loved me, and I miss them so much.


They look a lot YOUNGER than you. Just Old Me. Are you crying now, if so I will come over and hold you hand so you don't get them wet too. Just OLD me.


My parents.

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