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Pettson to Findus…Why didn’t you tell me You could swim?

Findus to Pettson…Why did you tell me You couldn’t swim?

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I just love the end of this story. Such an endearing friendship. Thanks, barb.

How lovely this ending was. Thank you Eva for another exciting tale of Findus and Pettson. Thank you Hemi for all your work in assembling these puzzles, it is much appreciated. Love and warmest best wishes for a very happy, healthy and safe New Year to both of you.

Have a wonderful holiday, and thanks for the story!

Thanks for your endearing story!

Blessed Christmas to you, and to Pettson and Findus.


Eva thanks so much for this wonderful story, and yes I have loved it all. Happy Christmas dear friends. Big hugs. ♥♥♥


My wishes for a glorious Christmas season and a brighter New Year 2022 to all who participated in this story of Pettson and Findus. As Eva’s husband, I have enjoyed assembling all these puzzles as much as you.


Well done Findus for finding it, well done Pettson for your fine swimming and a very WELL DONE EVA for putting together these great collages and sharing the story with us all. Merry Christmas to you and a very big THANK YOU

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