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redina1's Dad passed on 7/28/2020 at the age of 99, she was by his side when he passed.


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Thanks, brightspark. It's tough, but I'm glad I was there as I know you are that you were with your mom.


Dearest Redina - my heart goes out to you ♥♥ Your beloved mom and dad are now together in heaven watching over you with great pride and joy ♥♥♥ thank you for letting us know sweet nanab x I was also with my mom when she passed and held her in my arms and told her all her loved ones were waiting to welcome her and that it was okay and she could go and she did ☻☻☻Bonnie your poem is so precious xxxxxxxxx




Thanks so much for the beautiful poem, Bonnie.


@Juba1010 The Visitor did not come this year. Maybe he knew dad was leaving, or maybe it's just that the tree grew enough to prevent the sun from coming through. Who can really say?


Dear @redin1 I feel sure your Mom was there to greet him as I'm sure my Mom was for my Dad! It does seem to make it easier to bare. You never stop missing them but, as manicpuzzler says in her beautiful poem, with each passing day you will "smile a little more" *♥


It's never the right time
To say goodbye.
You will miss your, Dad,
And here is why.
He taught you so much:
To show no fear,
To always have fun,
And face the day with cheer.

He was always so able,
So fast and so strong.
In his little girl's eyes
He could do no wrong.
He would always listen,
And he never pried.
He was the arms around you
When you cried.

He never looked for praises,
And he was never one to boast.
He was always there
For those he loved the most.

He worked so hard,
And those strong working hands
Led you through life
And helped you understand
That life can be hard,
And tough, and sad,
But through it all
You had your Dad.

And because of him,
You understood
That life was actually
Pretty good.
You believe in him
And will follow his path,
And when things go wrong,
You'll look back and laugh.

He will hear you
So you can let him know
That he was and will forever
Be your superhero.
So yes, today
You are full of sorrow,
But you will smile a little more
With each tomorrow.




Redina, I pray that you will feel God's loving presence as you go through this difficult time. ❤


I have no doubt that it happened exactly the way you described redina1.
Keeping you in my thoughts and close to my heart.


Thanks, nanab, for the thoughtful card and thanks to all for your wonderful comments. We had some good talks and I was holding his hand when he died. I had told I would hold his hand and walk him to the gate of Heaven and then Mom would take his hand. I like to think that is what happened.




May he Rest in Peace...

May the light of God surround you as you go thru the process of losing someone you loved very dearly.


A peaceful ending to a long and fruitful life ❤️


I'm sorry too, redina. Grief takes time and mental pain. You have a lot of friends. Now is the time to ask us for favors. :-)


My thoughts and prayers are with you, hugs. :)




So very sorry to hear this news Robin. I hope its a little comfort to know you were with your dad and he knew as well. Hugs and sympathy to you. ❤ ⌣ ❤

Thanks BB for this memorial picture. ❤ ⌣ ❤


Sending hugs of comfort and heartfelt sympathy ♥ I'm so grateful you had him for so long but we are never wanting to have them go. They are in our hearts forever****


My Aunt is 89 and true she is very forgetful but one thing she says every time we talk, "sitting here and waiting". True she was very close to her sisters and now they are gone so she cannot wait for that reunion.
So I will say Redina, celebrate his life which was very long and look forward to that reunion! God bless!


I’m so sorry Redina. I think of you every time “The Visitor” shines through my own door. Thinking of you now my friend. Hugs




Very sorry for your loss. I hope you find some comfort knowing others - even those you've never met - hold you in their thoughts.

"God gave us memories so that we may have roses in December".
With sympathy to you, Redina.


I am so sorry to hear the news of your Father's passing Redina, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Thank you for letting us know BB.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, sending hugs and heartfelt sympathy.