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4. Eric Taylor, Mosaic, pig.

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Detail of mosaic mural, 1965, that decorated the Merrion Centre Market in Leeds. The 3 panels of the mural have since been restored and relocated on the nearby Leeds College of Art where Eric was Principal until 1971. He was an eminent artist, a painter, etcher, and ceramicist. His watercolours from WWII are lodged in the Imperial War Museum. This was his only mosaic.
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A wonderful jolly little pig mosaic ! And a refreshing change from all the paintings. Thank you very much for posting it. @inoleukothea

There was a general market inside the building, selling all sorts, from food to jewellery and antiques. The mosaic mural was on the outside wall - three large panels. specifically designed to brighten a drab 1960s building and surroundings. Maybe I'll post a puzzle of the whole of the panel that this pig comes from - it has chickens and large sunflowers. I was at Leeds Art School in the year this was put up, 1965. The area around was very drab and all the buildings were black with soot from coal fires.


It is surprisingly pretty. Thanks for the tag, @t53de711. If the mosaic was in the Merrion Centre Market, maybe the market contained a butcher shop or grocery store. (The market has apparently been replaced by a shopping mall, the 20th century equivalent of an old-fashioned market.) Thank you, @inoleukothea !

Mosaic is indeed an art. But it takes more than one person. Eric Taylor designed the image but specialists at the firm of Oppenheimer in Manchester put all the pieces in place, interpreting the design. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

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