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Tuesday hotchpotch

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  1. mags1799:24
  2. lanny10:08
  3. beruska10:51
  4. stones10:54
  5. Missie11:20
  6. msss12:10
  7. lynmc12:36
  8. lowalk13:20
  9. rajjayhawk13:48
  10. Jandy13:48


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Glad you enjoyed it, Robyn! I have lots of fun making them, and you're always welcome :D


Another wonderful puzzle and lots of fun, as always, thanks debs. :)


Hi Norma, it was very busy, but I hope you still had fun. Thank you for coming by ~ and it's always a pleasure to share :D


I love this one---it is soo busy, but I had to spend almost as much studying it as I used putting it together---thanks for sharing


LOL Dagmar!! I love the "work fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours" ~ that's definately me!!!
Glad you enjoyed meeting the old acquaintances, it's fun to recycle them.
It's a pleasure to brighten your day, and thank you for your always enthusiastic comments :D


I liked the one "I'm not bossy, I just know what you should be doing", could be applied to me and my daughters LOL, Now I have started smiling again. Loads of fun, loads of old acquaintances on the puzzle :))
Thanks for brightening my day. :))

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