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Thirsty chooks!!

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On the way to Sydney for my nephew's wedding we pulled into a rest stop out in the middle of no-where, and these four chooks came up to the car straight away & started drinking the water that was dripping out of the air-con under the car! So....Chris poured them some fresh water from a drink bottle! They were good-looking healthy chooks too!!! And smart!!
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We were surprised to see them last September & again last week Shirley - they must be tough chooks!! Thanks!

Thanks Beekay - if I'd had a dish I'd have filled it & left it for them!!!!

My pleasure Ami - thanks!!


Great photo-op and image, thanks for sharing a tidbit of your adventure en route to the wedding!


Great photo/story Robyn. With such a drought they learn to adapt.


Strange that they would be out there on their own, glad you came across them and gave them water, Thanks Rob.


Thanks Barb, Janet, Sharon, snooker (I remember that photo too!), Laura, Mimi, Jacques & Dave! Yes Dave - there were gum trees along the side of the rest area - well spotted!!!


Everything is going their way! Those look like dried up Euc leaves under their feet


good job


Great picture, great story. Thanks Rob, and thank Chris too! ☺


I saw that too, Snooker. It was awesome! This is great, too, Robyn!

Reminded me of the bikers giving a koala a drink - photo was posted a few months back.


What a pleasant way to break the trip. Some unexpected company to brighten your day.☺♥


Rob, if they are all roosters, and they look like it, they would be pretty formidable to a fox, or cat etc. And they can fly well, so would be safely tucked up on the trees at night. They must be a "little band of brothers." LOL! hugs, janet


Wow Rob, that is surprising that they survive on their own, in the wild and with no water nearby? But they still remember humans so they came to you for help... :) Smart!
Welcome back Rob :) Great picture!


Thanks Janet!! There are no towns or houses nearby and we saw them last year too at this spot. I'm surprised that foxes haven't got to them!! I guess they roost up in the trees!!!


Hi Rob, great to see you back. They all look like roosters. How strange for them to be there! Great pic! Hugs, janet


I'm not sure Mags - they were all the same size and just made clucky noises, but it was hard to tell!!! That's why I just called them chooks:)))) Thanks!

It sure was Nev - they weren't shy either:)))) Thanks!

Are they all roosters? Boys night out morning after? ;-)))

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