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081318 It's Coming Out!

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Mild-mannered wild-eyed 6toedcats is no sleuth spinster but a renowned expert artist. Leaving us puzzlers at their best peril only wishing to possess half of your talent.


wow - phenomenal - 3d effect xx and i love the colours xx merry christmas hugs and good cheer to you and every one here ♥♥♥


Thanks, Irena, not quite! Are you? It's coming quickly!


That doesn't sound good, 6TC.............


Thank you. Are you ready for Christmas?


Thank you, Irena! And wishing the very same to you! ♥


Thank you, irisriver! ♥♥


Я стараюсь не подходить к ним слишком близко, Натали, но ты можешь быть прав! :)


Lol, Kirsten - I don't think I'd be restrictive, I'm fairly burned out in what I do. :)


Very charming. Thank you cats. I hope you have a nice day ♥


Thanks Iris. All is well with me. But I appreciate your concern. (❛ᴗ❛)


Take care Cats! You take care too Kirsten. All the best to both of you in the fast approaching new year. I think a lovely baby dragon popped out of here. Grins!☺


Это чем то похоже на глаз крокодила!


I hear you, 6TC. Having gone through the loss of my job, and going through the work it takes to find a new one (it's practically a full-time job in itself! LOL!) in the last few years - I know how hard it is. But there could be other opportunities out there that give you the same work-life balance, without the impact on your mental well-being. And perhaps are better paid!

The two lessons for me when I was looking for work, was to not be too restrictive about your "perfect job" list, and being open to opportunities.

Lesson 1
Things so often and quickly change, that turn a job that might only tick three boxes on your list, into ticking five. My current job was only a 5 month contract, and only 3 days a week. But I decided to apply, and then to accept it when it was offered to me, because I'd had my eye on the organisation for a long time. Between applying for it, and being interviewed, they made it a permanent role. TICK! And then 5 months in, it was made 5 days a week for 12 months, and then permanently 5 days a week. TICK!

Lesson 2
By being open to looking for work, I found more opportunities. I think they were always there, but I had either not been open to seeing them, or would say no, and dismiss them out of hand.

Anyways, I don't mean to lecture. So I'll shut up now, and wish you luck with whatever you choose to do. (❛ᴗ❛)


I'm thinking so too! But...I can hardly (actually can't) keep up with my house/yard/pool, I work 32 hrs unless he goes berserk, so I have a 3 day weekend, it's a 5 minute commute, etc. But it drives me crazy and the pay isn't good. So....just thinking at present. LOL, don't have time to update my resume!


Grrrr indeed! Methinks it's time for a new boss!! (❛ᴗ❛)


Bedankt, Annie! Ik vond het leuk om het te maken.


Thanks, Beekay, I'm glad you thought it was pretty!


Thanks, Kirsten. A little bit right now, but I wish not. :) My boss is procrastinating! Grr.


Thanks for your nice comment, Teresa. :)


I thought someone or something ripped this pretty quilt!
Welcome back☺


Een bijzonder mooie puzzel 6toedcats .


Cool design! Thanks 6TC! And it's lovely to see you posting again. It must mean that you have some leisure time. (❛ᴗ❛)


Beautiful colors and really interesting design. I love the 3D effect. (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Thanks and hugs, Janet - so glad you like it! ヅ


WOW! This is fabulous thanks Cats, hugs. ♥


I think you are safe, Barb - no progress has been made on the escape since I posted it. ヅ


Love your description, surfer! Thank you.


LOL, Ardy...I don't know - it's kind of like "what's behind door #3?" :)


Thank you, Shian! :)


Pretty but scary....thanks, cats.... :)


The Grinch is eagerly busting thru but this Xmas he is going to be nice to set an example for others to live, laugh, be kind to all people, to dance on this lovely quilt. Love that pop out cats.


Is it something scary, 6tc? The cocoon is delightful. Love the colors. Thanks.


A colourful fun puzzle, 6TC, Thanks for the fun.


Thank you Taisia! :)) It's a bit different.


I like this puzzle, 6toedcats!

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