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a happy family :-)

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  1. kalenz5:58
  2. michelle526:11
  3. LexieD6:14
  4. annefar6:16
  5. loleec6:20
  6. mar16:23
  7. dotshell6:32
  8. Lmillner6:39
  9. falizar6:53
  10. sigijigi6:57


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Hello!!! :) If possible, can this one be done bigger please ????? :) Cheers! Glenys - such a cute picture!


Had to do this sweet gang in this size. Adorable. Grins!☺


I don't know about that, but it's just that it is so much fun to draw 'people' like these:-))) Thanks Dotty!


You have such imagination!


Thanks Tracdc! :-)

Latifa, the glasses of the red one:-) I think just about everybody has a relative that looked just like him because of the glasses :-)) The purple one is up to something? Oh. I had not seen that. Guess he tricked me then, I thought he was very innocent ;-)) Thanks buddy! ♥

Yenny.. Thanks for liking the picture. But I honestly couldn't tell you their name.. I don't know them actually. Probably the Smiths, or the Jones's.. Or something like that :-) Thank you!

Thanks MomCat :-) Is that the word? Blobby? Thanks for teaching me that adorable word!!:-)

MickiLD3.. You would probably be surprised.. They live here! On our own Mother Earth!! It's just that you have to keep your eyes open to spot them. Initially, they're kinda shy.. Thank you!! :-))

I think you're right, MJ.. The red one must be the Dad. And yes, the young ones will keep Mom busy.. You can see it in their faces.. But that is okay, I think :-)) Thank you!!

green - Mom, red - Dad (he looks sterner) and 4 young ones. Keeps Mom busy Maddie :)


What planet is this family from? They look so friendly!


I love this one too. Happy, blobby people make me smile.

I love this. Does this family have a name?


I always love your family portraits ♥ The glasses on the red one remind me of a pair my sister had in the late 50s or 60s :D I'd watch out for the purple one... definitely up to something! I love all their poses. Thanks, Maddie!



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