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Serious business!!!

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The Rainbow Lorikeets feeding!!!

Brisbane, Australia.
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Beautiful birds and a great shot robryan. I always love your lorikeet pics.


Wow! What a wonderful sight!
These birds are beautiful,thanks robryan.


You have obviously prepared a delicious meal !!!!!
Fantastic picture Rob. : )))


LOL!! They sure are Mogens - very noisy:))) There are quite a few new baby Lorikeets at the moment - and the parents screech to keep other birds away from their babies while they learn to feed!! But when the feeding is over they are quiet:))) Thanks :))


Thanks Floyd and Laura - it's great to get such positive feedback:)))


WOW! I never get tired of seeing these amazing birds!


Beautiful birds enjoying their special treat.


Thanks Jim:))) Those ants sound like a real pest! They don't stand a chance here:)))

Thanks Morris, Ginger :))), Shirley, Suzy, smllpkg, snooker and Lyndee - they really do like their feed:))) and I like sharing them with you all:)))


They seem to sure love whatever you are feeding them.

It's all been said. :)


A feast for their tummies and a feast for our eyes!


They are sharing so nicely! ;)


Having their Australia Day Feast, lovely picture, Rob, Thank you.


Feasting on all the glorious colors in this wonderful close up. And am smiling like crazy!! Many thanks Robryan. ♥


Lucky you!!


What a spectacular shot , I envy you in Australia to have such an abundance of beautiful birds . I read where you mix up a special mixture of honey for them, how interesting.
Janet had mentioned ants and you said its all gone before the ants have a chance.
I hang a hummingbird feeder with sugar water in it , it hangs on a pole with just a string , the feeder has 4 tiny holes just for hummers to get their little beak and tongue in . In a day the ants will be in the nectar and I have to dump it, wash it out and do it again. We still don't get many hummers. Jim.


Thanks Janet:)) The Lorikeets don't give the ants a chance :))) The dish will be emptied in about 40 minutes!! Sometimes they get on the dish that's up the pole - but I just hose it down and give it a scrub!! Each dish also gets scrubbed after they have finished - if not - it sticks like glue:))) and I'd hate it to grow mouldy or whatever!! Thanks :))


Fabulous photo thanks Rob. I'm not surprised it's one of your favourites. I really must get my honey feeder going. Do you have any problems with ants getting into it, as I see the dish is on the ground?


Thanks Barb - it's one of my favourite photos I think:))) There's a traffic jam every feed time:))))

Sorry - we crossed jeaneth!! That sure is an unusual place to see them:))) You'd think they'd be in a park or bushland rather than the CBD!!! These were in our back garden:))) Thanks:)))


Absolutely beautiful close up, Rob...and you have a traffic jam in there... :)
Thanks for this great photo :)


Thanks Nev - and it's been a while since I've been called that:)))))


They were really keen to eat the day I took this one Beekay - and I love the intense look in their eyes:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Joy - I appreciate your comments:))

Thanks Lunie - I got the sun in the right spot for this one:)))


Rainbow lorikeets; are very pretty especially if one sees them nesting high up in a hole in a wall in Adelaide's C.B.D.


Nice close up rob!

They are pretty birds.


LOL!! The feeder sure gets crowded Jacki:))) I feed them a mix of white bread/honey/water and a teaspoon of raw sugar that I puree with a stick blender. They also get a wild bird seed mix - and love sunflower seeds!! Thanks :)))


You now have amassed quite a collection of regulars Robyn. Fantastic, colorful and detailed photo! It really is ☺


What a collection! It looks like milk they're "eating" or is it cream of rice cereal?

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