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Temari Balls_12

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Whew! Between having two different ID's (web1323 & web1323_1) and having 5 or six current themes and being 70 years old, I sure am having trouble keeping track of whether or not a particular puzzle has been copied to Jigidi and posted AND keeping track of which quotes I have used already. Senior moments galore, LOL.

So... if I goof up and repeat a puzzle or a quote, please give me a good tongue lashing and I'll try to do better in the future.

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  1. pamts43:05
  2. plingeling47:16
  3. karenbyassee51:17
  4. jltolsma54:20
  5. eltring59:28
  6. judihum1:00:07
  7. mm601:09:12
  8. suhunyi1:13:58
  9. susieQII1:34:06
  10. biloxi1:37:07


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