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Who You Were

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  1. kcramp6:38
  2. Kasperas6:46
  3. Riz7017:11
  4. r1lee2week7:26
  5. Strutsi7:27
  6. twinkly_tulip7:42
  7. Vic19967:58
  8. Jaynine8:54
  9. Bethannh9:18
  10. torchlite10:11


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Jaynine- A lovely approach. :)


I wasn't born yet. But I try not to let the 'World' tell me who I am. I have been trained by God and I try to tell the 'World' about Him instead, and about who He wants THEM to be. :-)

Well said.


No, I don't know that.

But I do know who I am now. And I am sad and proud. Happy and lonely. Selfsufficient and unsecure. I am perfect and I am inperfect. I am I. That's okay. Now.

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