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Our brand new great granddaughter, Christiana and her faithful nurse, Tigerlily!

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She was born on June 19th, a fine healthy 7lb. little girl. Evie and Niel are crazy about her and keep putting their toys in her bed so she'll have something fun to play with. Apparently her soft animal toys are too tame for them!
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102 is a very popular puzzle choice. To easy but I like the cute ones.

How cute.


Thank you dear Jana! ♥♥♥


Congratulations Mimi, I love this pictures, both are happy. Thank you so much ♥♥♥


You're welcome Mimi.It's so nice of you to share with us pictures of your lovely family.
Thanks for passing all my good wishes.Take care ! ♥☺☺♥☺


So precious, Mimi! How blessed you are!


Thanks for the hugs and cuddles and sweet words dear Andie. I'm going to talk to her Mama tomorrow and will pass on all the good wishes! ☺♥☺

Thanks Edie. Evie will be 5 in December - that's hard for me to grasp - and Niel is almost 2. They are certain it's their job to keep the baby entertained. I hope they'll let her sleep now and then! ☺☺☺

Yellowgal they have put lots of pictures on Facebook for me, but not yet one of the whole family together. Can't wait to see that! ♥☺♥

Thanks Nicky, a bundle of joy is right!☺♥☺


A precious bundle of joy. Congrats to all.

Wow! Congratulations to all ; I also didn't realize that one of the expected belonged to Evie, Niel, and nurse Tigerlily, fantastic! The baby is already smiling (of course it is a family thing), it's so funny her older siblings have started upgrading her toys !! Take care, greatgrandma :-)))


She was born on June 19th ! so was 3/4 days old at the most when the photo was taken ,I hadn't realized..
I love her all wrapped up in her pink blanket and smiling,Mimi she is a beauty,lucky family !!! Hugs dear friend.


Congratulations Mimi. I haven't been on Jigidi as much lately so I must have missed reading that Evie and Niel were expecting a new sibling. I guess Evie is old enough to be a big help to her mom. She looks like a sweet little bundle and already smiling. Thanks Mimi. ☺︎❤︎☺︎


Hi Mimi,it was quite unusual for you not to post anything for about a fortnight so I was wondering ...Anyway I'm very happy you just had a very busy month.And this photo of your new granddaughter and Tigerlily (another sweet doggie) is lovely .Hugs and cuddles to all of you.♥☺☺♥☺


Thanks so much Andie, we have just had a very busy month with several visitors and some more coming next week so I'll just be on whenever I have a moment to spare. You are so sweet to be concerned! Thank you for your compliments for our baby!

Hi Snooker, that Tigerlily is a fine little nurse! Experienced by now! Thanks, I think Miss Christiana is
a cutie too!

She looks tiny to me too Beekay, but 7lbs is about average I hear. I appreciate the congratulations!

Thanks Shirley, she is our 10th ggchild and we're mighty pleased!


Christiana is a beautiful baby, so happy for Evie and Niel to have a brand new baby sister, Congratulations all round!


She looks so tiny! Congratulations Mimi♥

Tigerlily knows what this is all about. :) She's a little doll, Mimi.


What a cute little girl,congratulations Mimi ,Christiana is really lovely !♥☺☺♥☺


Mimi I was worried as you hadn't posted any puzzles or comments since June 7th . ! I even asked Pat last night about you and she said she'd ask Laura who's got your email .. I'm very glad you're back!!!!


Thanks Faye. I can hardly wait to meet her but I think it will be several months before we have that opportunity. My family are very faithful about pictures though and for that I am endlessly grateful!


Congratulations yet again, Mimi! And ah yes, the ever faithful Tigerlily! Love to them both...and to you. ❤❤❤

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