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MK-5 Rig

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My old job!
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  1. pholmes14:51
  2. Ianto14:57
  3. Patdid2022:43
  4. Skulls22:52
  5. lambosmommy37:46


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LMAO!! East Coast across the river from the space center in Florida. Nice but gets humid during the summer.


Call me Buck, Roger is my son no problem. I ended up here in Arkansas how about yourself?

Roger, are you West Coast or East Coast or just somewhere in between?


Always good to talk to another salvage diver. Take care and keep in touch.

Hey Buck, I can't say we met, but that is cool still Brothers! I don't get to PC often anymore, I still have a lot of friends working there in or around the school house. Glad to meet you Sig's!!


Hey Boats, I went to second class dive school in San Diego and First class school in Washington D.C. Spent my last 3 years in Panama City at the school. I wrote the curriculum to phase out the MK-5. and developed the underwater tools course. You probably saw us when we came to teach underwater tools. I was Chief Buck from dive school.

Roger, I retired in 1999, graduated Little Creek, VA. Second class dive school, then on to First Class dive school in Panama City. BMC (DV) ret. I work as a diving safety officer for a large corp. Good to talk to you!


I served from 1963 till I retired in 1984. SMC [DV] ret. that's me

Skulls, When did you serve in the USN?? Which school house?

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