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Themes: Well Worn Lighthouse

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Yes it would have to be in better condition and not a stormy night, that would be really scary.


It would be cool to stay overnight but a not stormy one. And this one could be a different story for the plans.

To bad there isn't another use for them so they don't get in disrepair.
I think it would be cool to stay the night in one.

I really like light houses I do have a few photos of them here on the Oregon coast.


Agree with you, thehappyknitter2019☺

looks like this light house needs some attention, too bad that it has been let go.


Had a few storms hit her over the years and the toll shows, will need more than a coat of paint. Thanks for your comment, Marj☺

Could do with a bit of a "spruce up"! Is it still in use? Thanks for another great puzzle, Marj


Thanks or your comments, Lorna, porgy☺


Quite a charmer mate!


It is still a beautiful 'old timer' with tons of character! Thanks Robbos.


Been standing for many years, showing some bruising from the harsh weather conditions over time, inside should be sound.
Thanks for your comments, mother123456, Fishes☺


God bless her!

Is it still safe to go inside?


She has endured many a storm over time on the job helping the Captains navigate their way through to safer waters wide of land and reefs.
Thanks for your solve and comment, artful☺

Her wrinkles and scars speak for her, she has weathered the storms and shown many Captains the way. She has been a beacon of light. Light houses are a favorite of mine.
Thank you Robbos.


I'm not sure if it is the Presthaven Light, Queensland.
Thanks for your solves and comments, Isaly, Deanna, Shirl☺


This old ones been around for quite a while, Thanks, Robbos.
Is this our old icon from north Queensland Robbos?


I love lighthouses and their romantic charm, I really enjoy this week. Rob, thank you for a great post on this topic ♥:))


Love this old lighthouse. I bet it could tell some stories if it could. TFP ~ Cyndi

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