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It's an unusual year for the icicles. I'm not sure where the melt's coming from, but they seem to just keep growing, without the snow sliding off the metal roof. It will be interesting to see how big they get....
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Owning property, especially moving into a new place, always comes with issues. Seems as though you've had more than your share of issues. I knew COVID put a stop to things in December...but you've been hit really hard with unforeseen expenses. Hope things settle down for you soon.


Yeah, I've been dealing with "Fickle Finger Farragos" which have raised obstacles and caused delays. First the truck, then COVID interrupted a December move and put me into the snow season, then the bank raised my mortgage payment $280/month Jan 1 because they screwed up the escrow for taxes when they issued the mortgage last July. #4 was wiring in the new place; a cascade of issues as I started replacing outlets and switches, ranging from having to deal with #12 wire in spite of them being 15A circuits (much harder to manipulate and maneuver than #14) to every box being different and requiring different mods to cheap ground clips from the hardware store that just broke when I tried to use them; e.g. rewiring the kitchen outlets and switches should have taken a single day, and instead took a week. All this, along with delays getting workmen and parts (which cost $1K/month in duplicate expenses), and cost overruns, ran me out of money. Thus looking for a job.


The snow can stop anytime. Sorry about the sale of the property falling through, but it does buy you some time to get things where you want them in the new place. If I lived closer, I would help!


Nope. Looking for a job, packing up the other place, plowing, organizing. The sale of my parents' property fell through. But soon maintenance of it will ease off as spring comes, and it will be easier for me to finish off. Lately we'be had snow almost every day in some amount, which precludes making trailer runs. Getting stuff ready for a couple of truck runs which will mostly finish it off.

The biggerst problem is organizing at this end so I don't end up with an unmanageable pile of equipment and boxes.


All moved in???


I thought with you MIA for a few days, that you might be on "the move". Nothing like a pending sale to put pressure on a person!

Your brother is a wise man, I'm sure. Therefore, I am going along with his prediction.
The grackles have returned here and the finches have not been so very noticeable. The feeders don't need to be filled every day.....

Happy settling in your new home!


I'm in the new place now, and systematically trying to finish the interior while making space to move the rest of my stuff from the old place. We have an offer (well, letter of intent) on the family estate, so there's considerable pressure to finish the move.

Luckily, the weather so far has been cooperating. Shrunken plow banks, bare ground in a number of places - in spite of the super-cold snap, we're on track so far for Feb being 9°F warmer than normal. My brother in Voorheesville has lately seen bluebirds, red-wings, grackles, a flicker, and a heron in the last week, and is predicting an early spring.

Pooh on you, Punxatawney Phil! (I hope) :-)


If you are moving have picked a few fine days to do so!!


No, this is the old house. The new house doesn't have such long icicles, and the snow is starting to creep off the roof, making them tilt in.


At the new house, Don? You seem to be working on a new version of stalagtites.


WOW. They look lethal and beautiful. Thanks, Don.


Yikes is right! Stay warm!

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