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Woollen Loomed Flowers!! ~ Nancy and Ardy`s Favourite

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  1. InkaSL0:39
  2. monza0060:49
  3. Dohun0:59
  4. w84itslywbt1:04
  5. anettka851:04
  6. javasage1:14
  7. Gaillou1:17
  8. foxymoron1:17
  9. simini1:19
  10. sehaleth1:20


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Thanks Gail!! And I do that in pixlr, using the marquee tool. I set the shape to elliptical, and set the constraint to "aspect ratio", which makes circles. And then I click and drag from a top corner of the image, in the direction of the opposite bottom corner, until I have a circle that is roughly the same size as my kaleido. Then I move it over the top of the kaleido. I like to make it a tiny bit smaller than the kaleido, 'cos that way I know I'll get all the black off. And then I right click and select "invert selection". That protects my kaleido, while I can put a new colour background around it. I'm sure that anyone who knows how to use photoshop who reads this will think that what I do is ridiculous, and that there is a better way of doing it using the layers. But I don't know how to use layers, and my method works for me. There's some other stuff I do to tidy up the raggedy edge, but I won't go into it now, unless you need to know. If you do, just ask. :))))


Gorgeous. How do you crop it round?


Oh same! Specially now I'm a puzzle maker too. I even do my collages in teeny sizes, for the time-poor! LOL


I really like this one! I'm glad when you do them smaller as I usually don't do the big ones. There are so many puzzles and so little time!


You're still hanging in there Ardy! And I'm glad you enjoyed your fave. :)))


Sneaked on the bottom of the board here, Kirsten (2:00). I did see some sad eyed blue creatures with olive green torsos but I doubt I could describe where enough for anyone else to see them. We'll just have to enjoy these as flowers rather than story boards. Thanks, Kirsten. I love seeing this as a single. Sweet dreams.


Ooooooh nooooooooooo!!! I'm completely crap at the pun game! So I'm just going to say thanks Chrisse. And give you a smiley. :)))

And in the unlikely circumstance that I think of a pun, I'll come back and post it. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. You'll end up blue-er than this kaleido! LOL


Magnificent looming on the horizon :-) Thanks!

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