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1952 Buick Riviera Hardtop with Matching Trailer

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right redavanti, as we can see in the chart below. that Jim posted.

The 263 remained in the Special through 53.


thanks redavanti... you are right... guess we weren't looking quite close enough.
It is a '50 Buick. and it looks like,,,, by Jim's chart that all three engines were available in '50. The three holes in the front fender, however indicate that it was not the largest engine. The largest engine was indicated by the 4 holes. So, that would most likely still leave this car with the 263.

This is a 50. The buck tooth Buick

Jim has the engines right now. 1952 was the last year for the 320 straight 8 the next year they introduced their new nail head V-8. It was according to model which engine was used. Roadmaster's got the 320, Supers had the smaller straight 8 (248 or 263)

you are correct Pat, the 263 did slide in there

1936–1952 320 320.2 cu in (5,247 cc) 3.4375" X 4.3125" (86.2813 x 108.2438 mm)
1937–1950 248 248.1 cu in (4,066 cc) 3.0938" X 4.1250" (77.6544 x 103.5375 mm)
1950–1953 263 263.3 cu in (4,315 cc) 3.1875" X 4.1250" (80.0063 x 103.5375 mm)


Okay okay.
'51 Buick straight 8 was 263 cid,
and '52 Buick straight 8 was 320 cid.
This is the '51 so it would have the 263 cid straight 8.
Buick didn't start having 320 cid engines till '52.

according to the webb, the 263 was not a option in 51/52

I wasn't sure which model Buick it was. I'm thinking the Roadmaster had 4 ventports on the hood.
But a smaller straight 8 (263) was used in the jr model Buicks even in 1953 after the senior models got the new V-8. In 1954 the smaller engine was also a V-8 with 264 ci.

only engine in 51 /52
series 70 320 320.2 cu in (5,247 cc) 3  7⁄16"X 4  5⁄16"
(87.3125 x 109.5375 mm) 168 hp (125 kW)@3800 rp

Are we talking about 320 straight 8 or the 263 straight 8?


That's a '51 Buick hardtop. The '52 Buick had a chrome fin on the rear fender over the tail light.
That big overhead valve straight 8 engine probably had plenty of power to pull that trailer too.
Nice set up. Slick.
thanks Jim.

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