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Feeding birds before the storm …

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@Tracadie Alga, didn’t see your other post. Sorry. I’ll use that other puzzle, too. Most of my questions were answered!🌼


@Tracadie. Alga, nice to hear from you. I miss your cheerful stories! What a great story about your dad putting the lobsters on the fields. My dad’s family came from down east Maine and they talked about spreading Rockweed on their gardens in the old days. Must have been an awful smell!
How have you been? Are you doing anything for fun? I know you talked about camping and I wondered if you leave N/B to do so? Hope you have a lovely day🌻


Ahh really Gini! That’s nice!…and I heard that story more than once, speaking of the fisherman! It wasn’t that expensive at the time…and if I go way behind, like over a thousand years, my father who would have turn 113 years, told me, when they were kids, it wasn’t the kind of fish they were eating, they were using lobsters to spread on the fields as fertilizer, they never knew it was that good!


@Tracadie Alga, had our first lobsters today. Not right off the boat, but delicious. As a child, my husband used to sail, with his family, up to Nova Scotia, and they would put money in a net, pass it over to the lobsterman, and the lobsterman would fill their net with lobsters. Not very expensive in those days!
Hope you are both well and enjoyed the kids’ visit. XX


I hear today is your birthday. Happy Birthday Alga!


Yes I have had them for years in my different gardens, have moved quite a bit.
I get to photograph them separately, have seen them together but not often.
Same here, my hubby calls them the cleaning ladies, on an endearment tone.
And yes, birds are great weather announcers. (*‿*)


Yes, it is a Cardinal, the male is red, the one on the yellow feeder, but the female is a different color, she’s having some red on her but not much, it’s almost grey all over her…but they are always in couple, hard to tell where she was on this picture….but she was close, I’m trying to get a better view next time and get the both of them.
We have 3 feeders and it don’t last long until empty…it is funny to see them working…the Blue Jays selects what they like and send the others on the ground, so the doves and others cleaned the rest 😊
This pic was taken in the morning before the storm…we could tell the storm will hit soon….don’t need a meteo station…they are good to announce a storm lol


Though it might not be a Northern Cardinal, do you know what it is?


Read your story Tracadie, I love happy endings! Love your birds also. Lots of Mourning Doves, and a dashing Cardinal at your happy yellow feeder. (*‿*)

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