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Anthuriums under the Tree Ferns..

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? the Roma St Parklands, Brisbane City, last Sunday.
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I've seen them at my local store too Shirley - and I resisted them :))) Thanks!

Thanks Jana - Laura's a real card:))))

These are really at home under the ferns Dave - they looked wonderful!! Thanks :))


They are beautiful and would make a great companion to tree ferns, which only grow in very mild parts of the US. GO Laura!!


Thank you so much Rob for this beauty and Laura for my lauhhs. Have a wonderful new week dear Rob ☺☻ ♥


Our local Woolworths had these for sale last week, they are a beautiful plant, almost look like they are artificial, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Patti!!

:)))) That's good ikook - laughs make you feel great:)))) Thanks :)))


Someone here on the other side of the globe is laughing her head of over Laura's remark...
Robyn, thanks for the beautiful picture, and Laura for the laugh :-))


Enchanting! I love them!


They sure were happy campers here chookie - but they were well protected by the ferns!! Thanks!!

LOL!!! MMM! Which part were you callin' anthuris Laura:)))) You crazy thing you :)))) LOL!!

She's a funny one Nev:))))


They could never grow here in Illinois like this. They would freeze their little anthuri's off!


Actually, I never seen these growing in soil - I have only seen them in floral displays in bouquets. Very interesting, thanks rob.


Hi Lunie - I haven't heard about any hybrid Hibiscus here, but I haven't been looking! If I see anything about them I'll let you know!! About the green Anthuriums - I haven't seen them either - but will keep my eye out for them too:))) Thanks!!

LOL!! My neighbour grows hers in pots in the garden Cathy - I guess our climate is just a BIT warmer than Vancouver:))) Thanks!!


Wow! I've only seen these in florist shops!!
Thanks Rob. ☺


heard they also have wonderful hybrids of hibiscus in Brisbane know the place?

Anthuriums are also have the green colored one? tfs.


Thanks Barb - they grow really well in our climate!!!


Very pretty and exotic, Rob! And that red really looks fiery! Thank you!


They sure are Janet - maybe when you come through one time to see your sister you could fit in a visit to them:))) I wasn't too sure how this would turn out, as it was very shady looking under the trees:)) Thanks!!


These gardens are fabulous, Rob. Shame that Brisbane is so far away! Thanks and hugs, janet

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