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A slug, eating the big leaf of a plant.... it looks as if it has been on this leaf quite a while (!!!)

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Somebody noticed yesterday that, in spite of our heatwave and my coarse mulch, slugs have found my strawberry plants as in past years, so I spread some slug bait (one with an iron compound that's supposed to be safe for pets and humans, but isn't perfect). Then last night we had a brief downpour, and thunderstorms are predicted for this evening. So will spread some more slug bait tomorrow. And will put it around my hostas as well. I have quite a few wild plants in my beds. It would be nice if my slugs would be like Lia's and choose just a couple of those and leave everything else alone.


I went back to this slug and told him your experience, dbird.
He told me he wasn't proud of hosta-eating-slugs, but that he preferred wild plants.....

WARNING: GROSSNESS ALERT!!!! Y'all have probably heard this before, and I read it in a book. If you sprinkle salt on a slug, they squirt all their juice out and die - instantly. Hate to admit, but I've done it a few times when I spotted the little varmints on the remains of my once beautiful hostas. Yuck!!!!!!




Thank you for this fascinating photo and puzzle, Lia, and thanks for all the beautiful greenery! (✬‿✬)


haha, ja, gelukkig niet bij mij☺


Beter daar als bij jullie in de tuin 😉


Was kennelijk erg lekker voor de slak;-))


Raaike: Dit was in een bos, dus daar mag 't !!

beyondwords: I saw this one in a wood, so no problem...!! There were many of them, after a rainy day.

I hate slugs because of what they can do to some of my plants. But this one is fascinating!


Amai, eigenlijk heb je die niet graag in je tuin he. :-)) ♥

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