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Happy Birthday Pat! ❤️

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Image copyright: Photos dogs by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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  3. jacques751:02
  4. juana1:06
  5. Ianto1:08
  6. Larrydog1:10
  7. marunka2771:11
  8. debdaz1:12
  9. Pekaji1:18
  10. jrmtcushman1:19


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Thankyou my dear, sweet friend, I'm 84 now, getting to the end of the road. Thankyou Faye for you good cheers, I'm doing good, walk everyday on my treadmill, trying to stay strong, have many good friends here & we went to dinner Sunday. Thankyou Yvonne for the nice card, with our precious Sammy and new member Ollie. Love you all and thank you.


A happy card for a happy day...PAT WAS BORN! Happy Birthday, Pat...wishing you a wonderful and healthy year ahead! ❤️💕❤️

P.S. Hugs for Bischa.

A really cheery card, Yvonne! And it's always great to see "The Kids"! ❤️💕❤️


A fun card, Yvonne. Thank you. ♥♥♥

Happy birthday, Pat. May it be a great day for you and a wonderful new year. Love and hugs and cuddles. (Cuddles are for Bishka.)

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