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Louie, My Best Buddy

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  1. Ribs0:28
  2. alias2v0:37
  3. Meadowhawk0:38
  4. mamab0:40
  5. suemarie0:43
  6. like921150:47
  7. Ianto0:49
  8. mamere0:49
  9. ullauhrskov0:50
  10. jimbos0:51


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He's never been known to turn down a word of praise. Now, a belly-rub, on the other (bleeding) hand.....fuggedaboutit! :-D


Definitely some admiration going on, on my part, so he should be happy! :-))


As long as you're admiring him, he's happy with whichever word you choose! LOL! Thanks, gogogo!


Hmmm, seeing as how Louie is a fella, perhaps I should have said "handsome" cat instead of "pretty". :-)


Pleasing photo & pretty cat!

You are right Puzzlesjustforme . . . so far I have not noticed any sarcastic remarks to others from suemarie to others -on the contrary, her comments seem to be measured. Even if I am wrong about that - since when do two wrongs make a right?
Definition of peaceable:
inclined or disposed to avoid strife or dissension; not argumentative or hostile:
a peaceable person; a peaceable disposition.
Do either of the b'words go with this description?


No, it is suemarie who does all this, not me, I am a quiet
peaceable member, who has become well acquainted with
her sarcastic remarks to other members on jigidi.

Don't try going there with me, ckalantari, you are becoming
aware of suemarie's actions on jigidi , if not you should open
your eye's.

Puzzlesjustforme . . . there is a difference between voicing an opinion (& and not all of them need to be voiced in the first place) & hitting under the belt line. Your behavior is the reason why a lot of people prefer the company of an animal rather than a person. I wonder how many friends you have?!


Interesting. Especially since I'm not the one who went on your profile and called you a bully and a bitch, even though you claim that I am the one who is "crude" and "rude". Maybe you should look in the mirror a little more closely........


'suemarie', I have to admit that.......

I wouldn't want to know you in real life, I think you are a bully
and a bitch.....well, you asked. didn't you?

And as for that cat of yours, he is most likely your only 'buddy'
in this world, as you are well known on jigidi as being crude, rude
and quite like a cat, in personality. You always have your claws


That's surprising--Jigidi never notified me that there were any new comments on my puzzle, not yours, ckalantari, nor yours, Puzzlesjustforme. Strange, since they notify me every time there's a comment on anyone else's puzzle that I've ever bookmarked or commented on! I just happened to check my puzzles by chance this morning.....

Who are you, really, Puzzles? And who do you think I am?!

Thanks for your concern, ckalantari. I've gotten used to having to defend myself, and, while its never easy or enjoyable, I keep on joining the fray, because some things are worth saying. I have found that most of the people who argue for the other side aren't fond of reason or facts or polite disagreement or good manners...I keep hoping I can have a rational debate, but it so rarely works that way..... I appreciate your reaching out to me here!

Thanks--he's a handsome dude, and he knows it! :-)))

suemarie, I am contacting you through this puzzle to avoid the utter chaos that reigns over the puzzle we commented on last night.
I made the first comment over there and - unintentionally - "got the ball rolling" (which makes me feel that I am somewhat responsible for what was to follow). The backlash to my and your posts was amazing; quite a few commentators got personal & went under the belt line. I am so sorry for their rudeness; had I known that we are not dealing with rational adults who can voice differing opinions in a mature way, I might have not said a word (but then again, this puzzle was just too tactless). I hope the comments did not get too much under your skin & that you have a nice day!
P.S. Good looking buddy you got there:)


But.....who are you? really.


Thank you, SarahCat. Yes, he really is my little man!


Sweet baby boy.

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