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Gazania colour surpise....

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Don't recall ever having this beautiful colour Gazania in our planters. Last year's "Orange/red striped" Gazanias produced some seedlings. Liertje carefully dug them out and planted them in small pots with potting soil where the green grew out to tiny plants. When it was time to transplant them he put them in the pergola planter and they became fresh little plants and started budding. We were expecting orange/red striped Gazanias, but I was stunned when I saw this first flower this afternoon! Check out the colour where the seedlings must be from!!

Many have already said it, but I'm more and more convinced I DO have a 'magical' garden! LOL


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Thank you all, for your lovely and too funny comments, Faye, Annetta, Betty, tisketsmum, Nan, Ella, nillie, Nancy, Pammi, Lynetteoz, GG and Anne.

Liertje had just walked passed it and when I came outside to also take some photos just before it would started raining when this beauty really caught my eye. I said:"aww, wat een mooie" (=what a beauty) and Liertje turned to see what I meant, he was in awe too! It's not only that the seedlings have turned into a lovely plant, but the colour of the flower is such a surprise and really amazing☺♥☺


Amazing! It almost resembles a sunflower! But the color change is also amazing. Nature: Always surprising


This is stunning, Impie! All of Liertje's hard work has been rewarded! Thanks for sharing! ☺☺


I did love the orange one very much but this lemon Gazania is so gorgeous too. Wonder what we would do without all these lovely surprises in your garden Impie - such fun :-)


Impie my first thought on seeing this lovely Gazania was what an unusual colour it is and I see we are all of the same mind. ♥♥♥


From bright orange to lemon yellow. Hmmm..... :-))


Perfect flower... are you sure it's not artificual? :-)))

Thanks Impie, and good night


That's amazing! It will be interesting to see how the other buds turn out.


a sweet lemony color, i'm getting thirsty!


Makes you want to know who the father was :-))))))))

Outstanding! Mother Nature is having an absolute blast in your garden this year, Impie! ☺☺☺


Mijn man had zaad gekocht in China van zwarte Petunia's. Die hadden wij daar tijdens een vakantie gezien. Gezaaid, uitgepoot en nu bloeien ze: rose en wit!! Haha....


You would never know they were related! LOL Both are beautiful but I really do like the clear yellow of this one. ❤️