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Pretty Lady

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  1. laciebee3:23
  2. Gulliver3:26
  3. frotzel3:32
  4. spudulike3:35
  5. sheiletta3:37
  6. michaelzehr3:39
  7. juse3:40
  8. Clickbait3:41
  9. philthy3:56


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No, I'm not asking you to remove it--and I didn't say that, either, if you read my comment--just to filter it. You agreed with Dollcollector that the rules of Jigidi should be followed, and the rules state that political puzzles must be posted with a filter! I don't think the photo of Michelle Obama is any more political than Melania's (it's even less so, actually, since her husband is not running, but Melania Trump's is, plus Trump's photo has a flag) , but you agreed with Dollcollector, who claimed Michelle's photo was political. So your "political" spouse photo should also have a filter. Fair is fair--especially when you made the point of agreeing about the rules. Or are the rules only for the other side to follow, while your side gets to disobey them?! And whether or not anyone recognizes her is totally irrelevant--just another way for you to divert attention from the actual point under discussion.

Is a pretty lady in front of an American flag political?? I'll bet 99% of the people seeing it don't even know who this lady is. I'll remove it when the other 'non-political' photo is removed.. Thank you


That's the "political" puzzle that you criticized...


Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you thought that a photo of Michelle Obama was political, but not one of Melania Trump--and you posted it without a filter, on top of that! Two-faced!!!

Donniedoright 18. Oct 2016
I 'ditto' Dollcollector's comments. Please remove this puzzle.
Dollcollector 18. Oct 2016
According to jigidi guidelines, we don't post political puzzles, it causes friction and especially now, close to the election of a new president. This democrat first 'lady' and her democrat husband, the present occupants of the White House, who will be leaving soon, thank goodness, have spent so much money, and done so much harm to the American citizens and our country. They have caused so much division, plus helping the crooked Hillary Clinton in her attempt to reach the White House. Please remove that smug self righteous face from jigidi or filter it.

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