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320 pieces
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  1. Hburl59:45
  2. sheenpeen1:00:58
  3. fatte1:02:45
  4. sft1:04:23
  5. 1hohenegr1:04:25
  6. alara3361:06:56
  7. sus391:07:03
  8. sgibby1:08:50
  9. jonimarie1:16:52
  10. harmonyguy1:17:10


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Will you please downsize this puzzle for me? I've been working on it for several days and only have 8% of it done. I will keep this size and continue to work on it but would like to do it in a smaller size
(about 195-200 pieces please if it is possible to make it that small. I have health issues that make puzzling difficult at times when they are too big - anything over 250-275. But I am the type of person that likes challenges and still try to do the bigger ones no matter how long it takes me. This one is important to me as my Dad was in the Navy during WWII. He passed in 2012 but would like to do this in his honor. This is why I want to do a smaller one but am still going to work on the bigger one. Thank You!!! Have a super day/night!!!

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