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which raccoon

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  1. Dilubreuer0:28
  2. alias2v0:34
  3. racoonstar0:36
  4. redina10:41
  5. kareng0:43
  6. puzzeljac0:45
  7. wolfwoman0:47
  8. VictosPuzzles0:47
  9. wshealy0:50
  10. jbu0:52


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That's 1,2,3,6,7 & 9....
Just celebrated my 55th birthday..., ofcourse nr 1 is me hysterical laughing of all the lame jokes made about my "new age" ;-P))))


After loosing 3 cats to coyotes in less than three years, one was 16 and had lived outside there all her life, I was out of cats. So I adopted a brother and sister feral kittens at 8 weeks and raised them indoors. Sam , my avatar, is the boy. He’s 16 years old. :-)


Hay Juba. Out side kitties get mice to run away, I love kitties, they are so good for so many reasons.


Awe thanks Mazy. Deer mice carry Hanta in the western states too. Workers were sickened in Yosemite after cleaning cabins. They seemed to want to hang on my deck at night. Nibbling the bbq and eating acorns. And peeing and pooping everywhere. I think they were hiding from the owls that would sit in the tree and land in their heads at night. I’m at 4000ft now. Haven’t seen them here but my daughter has a rat and mouse problem. They like the pile of firewood and hide in the vinca. #9 does seem a little eager to please...

Hello John :-)


I am always #3. LOL


@juba * radiant emoji!


aw. I know this about you, Juba, that you say such nice things :) (there needs to be a radiant emoji).

Now I am fully relaxed smiling raccoon. Which I would have called a 9? but others seem so see some stress there, and after looking at it, it does look a bit like 9 is smiling at a mean boss after mean boss said something.

I guess we need more raccoons.

Juba, white footed can have hantavirus I guess in the eastern states, we don't have them or that here (yet, ugh). So I took some photos of my release of mouse, 3 crickets, and 3 grasshoppers who felt like they liked eating my container garden. I put them loose in a vineyard. A LONG way from here. (having underestimated the homing skills of critters in the past).


I knew this about you Mazy. :-)


I am at work right now with my hair up in a bun and a dress on, dress watch, etc... I don't wear glasses but I'd still say I am around a 2.


Hmmm. lots of nuance with this rogue's gallery! Yesterday I was about a #5, today I'm a bit more mellow, so will go with #8. (Although to be honest, it's #1 whenever I read certain news articles... :-P)



Mazy, I felt like #9 because my husband had 4 teeth extracted last week, and his mood was not good for the better part of last/this week. Thank goodness we go tomorrow for his follow-up appointment. Wanda


glad you like it / them, Wanda! my tastes range all over the place so I never know who's going to solve or comment or like them.

Racoon, I've answered you on the coffee puzzle from yesterday. 9 is a good day :)


I've got him, humping around in there. Now I have to DEAL with him, which means the sketchy transfer to a big Tupperware bin, then the sketchy release in an orchard far far away en route to work!! where I will be dumping a couple giant grasshoppers and 3 crickets, all 5 of whom (well, the mouse too now I think of it) have been making great rackets on my porch outside my bedroom window. And eating my lovely basil, the bastards! makes me feel like 8.


Nice of you to use a kind trap. I can’t say I’ve been that kind to the white footed deer mice in the foothills.


9! Thanks, Mazy, for your wonderful postings. Wanda


I'm a #9 at the moment, as I can hear and smell the coffee pot working it's magic...


Ellen, 5 is a 'test face' for sure. Good luck!

Ly, here's hoping for more 9's than 4's. I love your choice, I can see the metronome swing between them...

Sorry to hear you are feeling icky, Juba. But I kind of like 2, it looks learned and interested in life.

I am probably 3 today, here's why. I saw a large mouse in the living room, so had to trap it (I have a very effective home-made trap I made a month or so ago out of a heavy plastic tub, an artfully folded piece of pizza box, engineered to hold the tub up until it is disturbed. Under the tub, the piece of cardboard has peanut butter on it...) it worked, thank god, because I don't want any more giant mouse turds on my carpet. So, 3 seems like an appropriate yuck face.


#5 Have tests at the hospital today.....


#4, bordering on #9. I am usually one of those two.


I’m #2 I think. Does it have a nasty cold and a fever? That’s me. :-(


@racoonstar remind me not to talk to you before your coffee... and your meds... and whatever else it takes not to see #1 ever again!

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