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Obviously taken many years ago (1971), when people could still wander around the site.

The very brown photograph was cropped and the color adjusted by an image program's auto-level tool.
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  1. MrPuzz14:56
  2. MrJigsaw15:26
  3. Bemusement15:26
  4. reiver15:41
  5. clidesman16:14
  6. may33816:58
  7. noranda18:25
  8. pledgegoddess23:14
  9. Blackant223:43
  10. bacci27:44


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But I do agree that the site needs to be protected. People are not so respectful now. We've had a lot of vandalism to national parks and monuments here in the US in recent years. I was 21 years old, traveling with a group of English Literature majors from the US. You should have seen us carrying on at the various literary sites around the UK. It was heaven.


Some were climbing on the stones and I thought that was wrong. I was so awed, I walked around the site and gently hugged or touched each stone. Can't quite explain it, but I felt a connection.

You know what it's like to wander freely around it, then. I'm glad it's more protected now, though.


I spent an afternoon there in May 1970. It was quite lovely.

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