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Joyful May (May20P03)

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May is pretty, May is mild,
Dances like a happy child;
Sing out, robin; spring out, flowers;
April went with all her showers,
And the world is green again;
Come out, children, to the glen,
To the meadows, to the wood,
For the earth is clean and good,
And the sky is clear and blue,
And bright May is calling you!
May is pretty, May is mild,
Dances like a happy child,
On a blessèd holiday,
Come out, children, join the play!

- Annette Wynne (May Is Pretty, May Is Mild)

As this is the first day of May, I would like to wish all who celebrates their birthday in May,
A Very Happy Birthday. May all of you enjoy good health and happiness.

Today, I have prepared a virtual birthday tea party for all May babies.

Everyone is invited.

The room is decorated and is sweetly scented with the flowers of May.

A live band is playing music of the 60s and 70s. They are accompanied by a singer.

The buffet table displays all the delightful food of Summer.

The yummy virtual food has both sweet and savoury ones.

For the sweet ones, we have fruit tarts, cream puffs, eclairs, macaroons, chocolate mint baked bars, cakes, cinnamon scones, plain scones, Petit Fours and fruit salad.

The savoury section has meat pies, mini quiches, meatballs, potatoes cakes, stews, sliced roasted meats, buttermilk scones, savory cheddar mustard scones, finger sandwiches and open sandwiches.

Hint - the cucumber mint sandwiches are yummy.

There are cranberry, poppy seed, orange and cherry hot liquid dips for the plain scones.

A chocolate fountain beckons us at another section of the buffet area where we have fresh strawberries and oranges slices neatly arranged for us to enjoy them in our own individual bowl of warm chocolate dip.

The fresh fruits platter consists of cherries, strawberries, apricots, blueberries, Japanese plums, and pears.

A selection of the finest tea and coffee is available at the hot beverage section.

For friends who are interested in cold drinks, we have freshly squeezed orange juice and smoothies of your choice (strawberries, cherries, apricots and blueberries).

For veggie lovers, we have salads made from the finest Summer vegetables, like aromatic herbs, asparagus, avocados, broccoli, carrots, celery, corn, green beans, onions, parsley, peas, potatoes, rhubarb, rocket salad, and spinach.

The virtual servers have already handed everyone a glass of the finest French champagne. Let us toast to the birthday boys and girls and wish them a Happy Birthday with many blessings. Cheers.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 108, 252 and 374 pieces.

I hope that all of you will have a great time at this virtual birthday party and that you all will also have fun piecing this puzzle together.

Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

Puzzle 767


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Hello Gramapenny,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

It is a delight to hear that you had a fun time with this puzzle :-)

Hope to see you at the 1 September 2020 virtual party.

Smiles for a New Friend,

Fun! Thank you




Hello Jbramble,

I am pleasesd to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page and welcome, too, to this virtual party.

It is with delight that I read your love for my virtual parties, the food and the atmosphere at these celebrations :-)

June Virtual Birthday Party is already on at my 1 June 2020 puzzle. Do drop by and enjoy yourself.

Delightful Smiles,
Jason :-)

Thank you for the virtual birthday party, I love the description of your parties and the food and atmosphere always sound amazing


Welcome to the May virtual birthday party Rita :-)

It is easy to remember when I will post a puzzle - on the first of every month :-0

Thank you for joining and participating in the virtual fun. I am glad that you have found something that you like. Yes, the mini quiches draw quite a crowd of food enthusiasts. All of them chatting were about their favourite ones - spinach and ham, ham and cheese, broccoli and cheese, shallot and mushroom, etc. But, all of them fell in love with the crust which is made of rich egg custard and flaky pastry. Yummy.

Thank you, Rita for appreciating my May puzzle and for going to piece the other sizes, too :-)

Smiles of Delicious Mini Quiches,
Jason :-)

Jason, I lost track of the days and just remembered I would find a new puzzle by you.I solved the 108 pieces because I really wanted to get to the birthday party. I've wandered around, had a fabulous meal; those mini quiches were the best.
Every month, your newest puzzle becomes my favorite and this one is fantastic !!
I'll be working the other sizes soon. All the best to you and John, Rita


Thank you, Dize :-)

Welcoming Smiles,




Lorna, it is wonderful to see you at this virtual birthday party :-)

Thank you for letting me know that you have enjoyed it and that you love the music and that the virtual food is to your liking :-)

Thank you, too, for your May greetings to John and me.

May you always be safe, well, healthy and happy :-)

Smiles of A Successful Virtual Birthday Party,
Jason :-)




Hello Brane,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

I am delighted that this puzzle was a happy and relaxing one for you :-)
You have made my day more beautiful.

Thank you for taking the time to write a lovely note and for following me.

Being still a novice at drawing and not computer savvy, I am happy that you appreciate my efforts.

Smiles of Appreciation,
Jason :-)


Thank you MomCat for the compliment.

You are welcome to the party.

Serenity is one of the qualities that I strive towards for my puzzles. Sometimes, it finds its way there.

No worries, MomCat, please feel free to do what you like.

For me, I draw and create virtual birthday party puzzles because I have time to create only one puzzle a month and I like to organise such virtual events.

In the beginning, I was wondering if folks will appreciate what I am trying to do or will they think that I am the opposite of normal. I am just a normal ordinary person. Jigidi is a place for me to dream a little bit and to be away from the stress of the real world, if only just for a little while.

There are many virtual birthday party puzzles at Jigidi. Perhaps, mine is the most elaborate? I don't really know. I just thought that I would like to do something different.

If there are too many virtual birthday party puzzles at Jigidi, then I will just let the rest of the Jigidiers take over and I will then draw ordinary puzzles. It is fine for me as that will actually mean that I have less work to do and therefore have more time for my real life :-0

However, for the month of June, I will definitely create and post a virtual birthday puzzle as that is my birthday month.


Lovely puzzle Jason and yet again a fabulous party! Love the music, and the food is amazing! Thank you, and happy May greetings to you and John. Keep well, safe and happy. ☺


Looks like I found a new artist to follow. This was so relaxing and happy!


You puzzles are always relaxing. Thanks for the party.
Would you mind if I created my own party puzzle some time?


Dear Cjnola,

You have made me very happy to hear that my virtual birthday party for May babies was a joyful one for you during our current world situation which I hope will improve soon so that all of us can have better and safer times again. But, meanwhile, I will dream happy dreams just to make my days easier and nicer.

Thank you for taking the time to write and let me know that you love the virtual party and the virtual buffet. I am always glad and thankful to have friends who are imaginative and creative in enjoying this type of virtual parties.

I am well, thank you for your kind concern :-)

I hope that you are well and safe.

Cjnola, I wish you a beautiful May.

Smiles of Virtual Parties,
Jason :-)


Greetings from New Orleans, Jason! Loved this sweet party and the delectable array of delights to imagine and enjoy. We need this kind of joy during this pandemic. I hope you are well. All the best of May to you.


Glad that it was a fun solve for you, Clive.

Smiles of Puzzle Fun,
Jason :-)


That was great fun Jason.....11:59.


Hi Bev,

No worries, no one is late for a virtual birthday party.

I am delighted that you like my puzzle and the drawing that I have done.

Thank you for your good wishes for John and me, as well as for your love for my puzzle :-)

I wish you safety, good health and wellness.

Smiles of Wellness,
Jason :-)


You are welcome, Lena.

I am happy that you like this puzzle and find it to be beautiful.

May you stay safe and be well and healthy, always.

Smiles of Good Health and Safety,
Jason :-)


You are welcome, Ennis :-)

Welcoming Smiles,
Jason :-)


Hello Judy,

You are very welcome.

It is wonderful to see you at this tea party and to know that you are enjoying the virtual food. No worries, virtual food are yummy and has no calories.

Thank you for liking my puzzle :-)

Smiles of Virtual Food,
Jason :-)

Hello Jason,
You never cease to amaze us with your grand and pretty designs. I am rather late today and a bit sluggish, hope to feel up to snuff tomorrow. Take care and well wishes to John and wellness to you too. Stay safe. I love the puzzle!!

Beautiful puzzle, thank you,Jason!Stay safe and healthy!!Lena




Thank you for such a beautiful puzzle Jason!! I think I will gain 5 pounds at the virtual party. LOL!!


Thank you, Clive.

I know that you will like this solve, too.


Bookmarked for later.


Hello Ruthellen,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Thank you for the compliment :-)

I would like to wish your son, daughter and daughter-in-law a Very Happy Birthday and, I would like to wish you and your hubby a Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary. May all of you receive many blessings of love, health and joy and all things good.

Best regards,
Jason :-)

Thank you for this lovely puzzle. My son and daughter and daughter in law all have May birthdays. My husband and I were also married in May. This year would have been 63.


You are most welcome, Jan :-)

I am happy that this puzzle has given you smiles for the day :-)

Thank you for your good wishes and for solving this puzzle.

Keep safe and well.

Best regards,


This puzzle did, indeed, give me smiles today. Thanks so much, Jason! Wishing you happiness and joy, too!!