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Now, which way will we go? ☺

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Thank you Bella.


Waf woof, I will auntie, you can be sure of that. ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥

Good, thank you. You do need to take care of her.


Waf waf woof dear aunties. I'm so sorry that there are so many fires and that the sky is hazy so far away. It must be awful. The people living near the fires must be terrified.
Aunt Faye I didn't hear that, we don't have it but we live about 200 km (125 miles) North East. Aunt Ianto, I will take care for that. Aunt Rita, the photos are taken during the afternoon walk. This photo is taken at about 1:00 pm. So we have still plenty of time. ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥


I forgot that our haziness was from the wildfires on the west coast, Reed.

Hazy here in Ohio, too. ;-)


Is it still early enough in your walk to still play before going home? Have fun!

Bella, just make sure that Mum has her coat on.


Impie mentioned yesterday that her area (The Hague) was expecting "ash rain"...ash from the forest fires in the U.S.


Waf waf woof dear aunties. Yes indeed, we will turn left because .... the other are already there. ☺ Mum, two aunties, Spikey and Joey. ☺ So we will follow them. No it's not the way home, for home we had to turn right. Yes aunt Faye, we go the ong way round. ☺
Aunt Ardy, that sounds terrible, 2000 miles away and you have the hazy sky. Can you keep the air inside the house clean? Boy am I glad that we don't have that kind of fires here.
Aunties, it's much cooler here again, at the moment 8:30 pm it's only 12°C (54°F) and this night it will go to 5° (40°). Today we had sun but the wind made it cold. It's jackets weather again. But it's dry. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


The long way 'round? Or the shorter distance to home and treats...and a nap? ;DDD


Yes, follow auntie Linda advice! enjoy the nice day sweetie :)


I think you'll follow your mum and Luna will follow you.
Woof woof! ♥♥♥


Who gets to choose, Bella? Nice day there for a walk. All hazy here from west coast fires which are over 2000 miles away. Thanks, Ank.

It that the way home Bella?


It looks like Bella is interested in the left side. Maybe more interesting smells?


I suspect that Bella will turn left because it looks more interesting. Luna will turn that way, too, because that's the way Bella turned.


I think Luna will leave the decision up to you, Bella. she has found other interests ☺


A decision but I suspect not a dilemma for you Bella! ☺♥♥♥

you take great care darling Bella; watch out for those horrible monsters


Such a pretty area to walk in Bella, and Luna has found an interesting smell on the bridge. Hugs and wafs.

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