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MAX playing with fabric - Nicky looking on.

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MAX got hold of this piece of fabric and I think Nicky wanted to play with it too.
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  1. skip097656:30
  2. larryswife1:10:25
  3. iss461:12:58
  4. DottyM1:14:34
  5. quacker21:15:22
  6. mbrezinski1:15:57
  7. Twinkle71:42:02
  8. kittyzazou651:52:30
  9. jeanne19411:53:50
  10. carmen1232:17:31


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Little Bit is a cutie. She looks like a cuddler.


Twinkle7 - that is Little Bit because she has a very short tail looks a lot like you Max. She is mother to Reese's who is a pastel cat, with only a poof for a tail.

Okay will do my best to get them out there. What is the name of the kittie in your profile picture?


Twinkle7 I am looking forward to seeing puzzles of your cat family on Jigidi as puzzles Max, his brothers Magic and Mushu Also Twinkle, Stryder, Belle, Miss Nikki, Ariel and Smokie.

Quacker2 your kittie is so pretty. Max thanks you for your kind comment about him.


Max is a beautiful ginger kittie. I'll see how I go with this one.

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