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Phantom Menace I

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  1. suzyeast5:20
  2. anitab6:56
  3. Greyledge_Gal9:30
  4. Reiska_0012:58
  5. Tootsfc13:54
  6. lolatotherow17:43
  7. gerdnijs28:50


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The same month that I turned 6, we moved from town to the country. In December we went and picked out a puppy and we brought him home on the day of Richard Nixon's first inauguration (that dates me). Prince, like your Pal, was a total Lassie sable and white. I wanted to call him Lassie but since that was out, I named him after my toy bouncy horse that I had out grown (remember those plastic horses mounted to a stand by springs?). Prince thought he was a person and slept on the other side of my double bed with his head on the pillow, or at the foot of the bed. In summer, he walked the house plopping down for a little while in front of each bedroom to make sure all his peeps were protected. He was a very special dog and a great best friend to an only child.

I'm sure you know that Pal was the real name of the original Lassie?

Phantom is not menacing though he has a great bark that would scare off someone. I call him Custard sometimes after a dragon in a children's story who was scared of just about everything. He's a hoot!

Thanks, Jane. I've owned collies all of my life and finally decided to be adventurous and try something other than sable and white. :-)

Phantom is a purebred AKC registered Rough Collie. He is a blue merle. This is one of his puppy pictures. He'll be 7 years old next fall. He is quite a character. ;-)

Is this a short hair collie, or maybe an Australian sheep dog mixed with collie? There is a lot of character in that face!

Thank you, wolflady. :-)


Pretty dog..

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