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I choose my clothes, my watch, my jewellery, and my glasses to suit my style but I got no choice of hearing aid. I make mine suit me by decorating it.
These hearing aid tube decoration coils (found on eBay) are just one way to decorate them.
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  1. 3wishes6:18
  2. lesleyy11:35
  3. phychnurse113:58


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In the Netherlands you can get them with your health insurance but you must pay them partly yourself.

The device that you can use for microphone (and as a replacement for headphones etc) is a minimic or something like that.
You click a button on your hearing aids and you can listen to the radio/tv/computer/phone if you plug the minimic in it.
I use it on my phone when I use the navigation system but you can also use it when you call someone or give it to the person who lectures/speaks.
But there's a downside: It cost a lot of your batteries and you have to change them before they're empty because they will not work with the minimic.

Free hearing aids! Maybe someday ...
thanks for showing us these covers.


Oh! More of my text missing! I also explained that I make covers for mine to hide the beige so that people don't think I'm trying to hide them.


Oh, MoJhu, I typed moe an that! Where did my second paragraph go?

I explained that in UK we can have free hearing aids but most people didn't get a choice and the default colour tends to be beige


MoJhu, I'd love red ones! Good choice


3wishes. That sounds good. I've heard from friends that it can be possible to programme the aids to receive sounds from a device and from the hearing aids microphones at the same time. It may depend on devices but an audiologist will know and could program the aids to have this setting.
If he wants some coils they are hearing aid tube decorations from Jacket Ears and there's loads of colours to choose


I have red hearing aids and there were a lot more colors to pick.
Mine are from Dot By Resound but maybe other types/brands have these options too. :)


Yes, he did and his grandson programmed his TV for him so he can listen to his favorite shows through his hearing aids, without having the volume turn way up; the only drawback is then he cannot hear anything else going on in the room. I may look into these wraps for him; always learning something new on this site.


Oooh, an expensive way to learn that lesson. Yes, glad the dog is ok and hope Dad still managed to find some good hearing aids!


My dad was trying a pair before he was going to buy them and one of his dogs chewed both of them up. A costly mistake, just glad the dog did not get sick and add a vet bill to it, as well.


3wshes, tell me about it! On of my cats is determined to eat mine. It's like a magnet.
When I take mine off I have a drying pot to put it in. Reduces any moisture build up and yes, keeps it and my pet safe


RebeccaB absolutely, easier to find if lost. Being visible when worn also helps as people are more likely to realise that they may need to face the listener, speak clearly etc.


A neat idea, however; here is a warning, hearing aid’s are a favorite chew toys for dogs; so be aware of where you lay them down, keep them out of reach from small children and pets.


I imagine it also makes them easier to see, when you lay them down somewhere out of the ordinary, like a coffee table. :)

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