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Buck with velvet

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48 pieces
37 solves
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  1. Ginni22:50
  2. schutkleur2:58
  3. Ianto3:15
  4. DarylRFuller3:23
  5. Livey18643:25
  6. Heicel4:07
  7. vinette4:32
  8. pter4d4:54
  9. treker5:09
  10. AmandaUK7:21


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That's only because you haven't solved it yet! :-)


Hey, @Ginni2 - you like my puzzles. First place!


Good for her!! :))


Thank you, @schutkleur! I also saw you on the leaderboard on the caterpillar. Ginni2 was successful in identifying it, too!


Thank you for enjoying the photo and puzzle @Heicel and @AmandaUK !


I'm with Ginni. He IS gorgeous! I'm very jealous.
I solved your beautiful caterpillar as well. But since you gave us the link to the open puzzle I'm not sure it registered :))


He's gorgeous! Lucky you!


A really nice picture thanks :)

Great shot - to the benefit of both of you ;-). And now of me: thanks for sharing!


@schutkleur @Ginni2 - the fawn I mentioned never came close to the fence again, though I have seen her in the area. But perhaps this is her father! My new phone camera did pretty well. I can still appreciate the velvet on his rack. It was taken through a window with the optical zoom on the phone.

A catepillar I took "close-up" turned out pretty well, too!

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