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Is It Over Yet?????

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No, I wish I had. I got this in an email. It was posted before it was necessary to attach copyright info.


Thanks for the laughs this morning, whatnauts… I only got to this 6 years late :D Did you take this photo?


Too true :))))


Had more than enough!


Thanks very much for the info, bookish. I find I don't have time to keep up with everyone I would like to and I've seriously cut back on my Jigidi time this month. I did see something about puzzaddled last evening, but was unaware of what Edie was going through. I have quietly followed much of the chicken tales and had no idea chickens were so interesting. And although I am aware that you, Barb and Michelle are Canadian, I'm never sure which part of Ontario you all are in !!!

I have a niece in the Toronto area and she is without power and worried about more trees falling in their backyard. Hopefully we will get an update later today.

As for me, I am well and although it is very cold in my area, I have heat and cable and internet - what more could a gal need!! LOL


And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, bookish. Thanks for all the fun puzzles you create. Also, all the best in 2014. Since you seem to have power, I guess you aren't affected by the ice storm.


Merry Christmas, whatnauts.


We had so much snow last winter, this puzzle was very apropos.


Getting to be that time again, not any chance of this happening in Florida though. Still, I loved the puzzle.


106 km is still very worrisome.


My error.... forecast was for 125 kmh gusts but it only reached 106 just south of us. A few trees came down but they're pretty well grounded near the coast... they need to be :-)


Wowser, that's a strong wind. The trees in your area must be hearty if there was no damage.


We had a taste of winter yesterday. Very strong wind - up to 120 kmh gusts and lots of lovely rain. No damage around home but I think there'll be a few trees and fences down south of us where it was stronger. Almost turned on the heating last evening! You have sunny and, dare I say it, warm weather. So the world turns :-))

It appears there was actual rain in San Diego too yesterday. That's the time not to be out driving. No-one is used to is so there are more minor bingles.


I couldn't agree with you more, spring and autumn all year round would be my idea of perfect weather. Today we reached 26; only 21 was forecast. And I will not complain about the heat already, however 26 is no longer in my comfort zone!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be the same and then we'll cool off to mid and low teens for awhile. I guess I should uncover the air conditioner, so it's ready to turn on when the weather starts to stay hot.

Seems to me your winters shouldn't give you too much to complain about - then again, its all way you are used to. San Diego sounds marvellous at any time of the year, except for the rainy season.


Maybe like the idea of heat and more heat would seem foreign to you? :-) Then again you may have really hot summers as a counterpoint to really, really cold winters! Extremes either way are a PITA. Give me Spring and Autumn all year round. Hang on, that's what it's like in San Diego! Good enough reason to visit there again. We're returning mid summer there which will be most pleasant. If we time it right we may never have to endure winter again :-)

Fingers crossed that you will reach double figures and they will stay until the s*** comes back next winter...


You bet I'm sick of the white stuff. It's been an incredibly long winter. When I looked out this morning, there was still a tiny white patch, but with a current temp of 15 and it should go a little bit higher, I expect it will be gone by the end of the day. And 20 is now highly possible for tomorrow. I'm sure it won't last, but it finally looks and feels like spring. I expect if you've never lived anywhere with snow accumulation, the idea of snow melt and crests and floods would indeed seem foreign.


One meter is still serious stuff! The term crest in this context is a new one to me - always something to learn :-) The rivers in our region are quite small with not a lot of variation in depth unless we have exceptionally heavy rainfall in a short time.
It's hard to credit that you still have snow falling... even if it's only a light fall. You must be heartily sick of it by now. Did the +10 happen? Monday's +20 forecast maybe a pipe dream :-)


Yes, a high at daybreak is just one more bizarre weather phenomenon in this here part of the country. It does happen from time to time, a few times a year I would guess.

With all the snow we get over the winter, there is always a danger of flooding and the river rises a lot, it's just a matter of how fast the snow melts and how much rain we get while the snow is melting and of course the conditions further south affect our flood forecast as well. It just so happened that this year the snow melted quite fast, so the river rose quickly. Oh crap, did I say 3 m - I should have said 1 m (3 ft). Bad whatnauts!!! I'm not sure what the crest forecast is, but it's likely to be a rise of at least 3 m or more by the time it's done. Usually the rivers would have crested by now, but with the late arrival of spring comes a later crest. Our major river isn't expected to crest until near the end of this month.

The rain stayed outdoors, thankfully, but turned into snow over night :(((( It melted by mid-afternoon, but there's still a little snow near the fence that hadn't melted even before the new snowfall. Now we need to start warming up again, Sat is supposed to be +10C and then +20C on Monday (fat chance!!).


Perspective is indeed the crucial point here. A high at daybreak seems bizarre when our high is usually 1 or 2 PM. Also odd that even with a 3 m river rise the flood prediction is moderate! It must be like living on a giant sponge :-) With our predominantly sandy soil in the west rainfall soaks in quite quickly. We seldom have flooding in our part of the state and the last flood in our town was in 1974.
I hope the recent rain you were expecting stayed outdoors too!


Well, you see, it's all a matter of perspective. A week ago we were barely above freezing. And tomorrow we plummet once again. Our high for the day will be at daybreak. The rivers rose 3 m or so over the last few days, but the overall flood prediction is moderate. The ground is indeed soggy and it's going to rain for the next 24 hours, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it stays outside !!


Nothing to complain about she says! Hah! If we get a max temp of 13 or 14 in Winter we complain bitterly LOL. The ground must be about sodden by now with snow melt. I hope your water table is low to allow for the inundation! Imagine snow in May... hardly credible even for Winterpeg. Last May when we were on our road trip there was deep snow in the Big Horn Mountains in WY but the elevation there quite high so I suspect it was not that unusual.

It's late afternoon here and overcast; I'm in short sleeves as it has been a pleasantly warm day but about to hunt down a sweatshirt now it's down to 71... don't much like the cold :-)


We made it to 13 or 14C. So nothing to complain about. It's amazing how much snow has melted in the last few days. When May arrives in a couple of days, I suspect I'll still have a couple clumps of snow in places where the sun doesn't reach and that will be a record.

I guess after the summer temps you had, 68 feels downright cool, but to me it sounds like a heat wave :)))))


Almost a day has passed since you wrote... I am wondering if the sun did break through and if the temp made it to double figures... positive ones for a change!
True - we don't have a choice :-) This evening is cold (but not cold as you know it) enough for me to wear a snuggly bathrobe... it's down to 68°, for goodness sake! Autumn is arriving so Spring ought not to be too far away for you. Stay warm, my friend :-)))


Hmmm, yes, it's never too late to learn things by trial and error, but that was certainly an unfortunate experience!! It's late morning here and very cloudy - if the sun doesn't come out, we likely won't make it to 18. However it's already much warmer than it was last week, so I'll take it :)))))) (Like I have a choice - LOL)


18° will feel positively tropical! Mind you slap on the sun screen :-)
I'm not especially fond of the height of Summer but with ducted air con I can manage. Anything that requires me to be outdoors is done very early in the day or late evening.

When we returned home we had no heat or hot water (both gas powered) as the gas had been turned off by a friend who was keeping an eye on the place in our absence. We managed to find a flashlight (gas meter and valve are in the yard) and I turned on the gas but we still couldn't get heating. I didn't know that the system can get air in it if left off for a while. It needed to be bled which I learned the next day after calling the gas company. As for the hot water system I am NEVER going to turn it off again as it took me forever to light it! We live and learn :-)


You're right - it is extremely abnormal to still have snow on the ground at the end of April. Last year I mowed the grass the first week of May (and that was well after the company I hired did the spring clean up and technically the first cutting). But that was an exceptionally warm beginning to spring. I think that's what makes this lingering winter so hard. Our forecast is calling for seasonal and above seasonal temperatures this weekend (perhaps 18C) - if so, there will be a lot of people heading outdoors to enjoy it!! I'll soon have to dig out some summer clothing.

It's all a matter of what you get used to (at least to some extent) ....we have heavy sweaters and outerwear which helps a lot. I wouldn't like your summers at all - far too hot - I'd be sweaty and grumpy all the time unless I was in central air conditioning.

When you returned home to 6 degrees, why did you not have any heat or hot water???


Whattie, you deserve a medal for living in this climate. I would not make it. Maybe you will skip Spring and go straight to Summer? This surely isn't "normal" for Winter to hang on so long, is it? I know you live in what I would deem a very cold climate but even so please tell me it's not always this lingering s***? If our Winter temps dropped to 2° or 3° I wouldn't be able to function! The coldest I can recall from last season was the night we returned from the US and it was 6° and I thought I was going to seize up. We had no heating, no hot water. Thank goodness we had electric blankets! I didn't want to get out of bed the next morning LOL.



it was pretty chilly this morning when the skies opened up, so we did have some flakes. But it didn't last long. It's still pretty chilly in this here part of the country, usually about 10 degrees below normal. It may warm up this weekend - I'll believe it when I see it.

That being said we are reaching 'balmy' temps of about +2 or 3 C each day and the s*** is gradually receding, enough that I can see the difference from day to day. But there's still a hill in the front yard with over 60 cm of hard packed snow and over 30 cm in most places in the backyard (down from about a metre or so). It sure doesn't look or feel like the end of April, but it may not be too far off.


So have you seen the deck and yard yet? Please don't say it's still s***ing.
We have finally had a couple of cool nights - quite pleasant; even a little soft rain. Roll on Autumn here and Spring with you :-)


Yes, winter has been sooooooo long this year :((


So cute.
Too bad Poxie Phil got it wrong....
We had a snow storm yesterday that tied up the city....


Yes, only a few more weeks of winter-like weather. Yahoo!! I'm certainly hoping for a gradual increase in temperature so the snow can melt slowly and sink into the ground rather than into our homes and rising rivers. This last snowfall was very wet and heavy. I shovelled some of it off the deck today and will remove some more tomorrow. The part of my deck where I haven't shovelled in several weeks has over two feet of snow on it. It's unbelievable the amount of snow we've had this winter. The snow is well over four feet in several places in the back and front yards. Unbelievable!!


That is a terrific picture, Whatnauts! Whoever came up with the idea needs to be applauded. Really funny picture, but I know your weather is not funny at all. I guess green will be really appreciated when Spring finally arrives. I'm praying the snow won't melt too fast on ya, so you won't be slogging along in mud. Chin up my friend. Wish I could fly you here!


It's been snowing all day, pretty much non-stop, and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow morning. Luckily it's not too windy, so the snow isn't drifting, The temp is quite mild tho, -6C / 21F, so that's a bonus. Now we just need mother nature to see all these raised hands. Thanks for adding yours, PD :))


We haven't had a really terrible amount of snow, but I'll certainly raise both hands about the cold!! It's bitter and very windy, and spring can't come fast enough for me! :-)))


I suppose it's better to look ahead to when the snow will all be gone. The worst of winter is over (I hope). Thanks for taking the time to comment, texasstar7.


No show of hands for me! We've had none, we're hot, and I'd love a big snow here! Thanks, though, I feel sorry for those of you who are sick of it.


I need to add my two as well. We're due for some more snow tomorrow (groan). Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment java, smllpkg101, hazel and grandmalucy :)))))


Mine two, also! ;-)


Add my hands!

The waving dead!!


I give a haand up too.

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