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Torsion Fracture

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  1. anettka851:15
  2. viktorie1:18
  3. like921151:20
  4. girch1:21
  5. photogent1:31
  6. Pekaji1:36
  7. jens631:44
  8. lelabugosi1:51
  9. mariolyn1:56
  10. msfroglady1:57


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Thanks David, I started with the last, so this first is my last. Very beautiful photos. Thanks for showing.


But - as long as it keeps contact it will live on! Thanks so very much David!!


My pleasure, mariolyn! There's nothing new to post except the storm right now, anyway. Hopefully I'll have new photos and electricity next week...


David, thanks for these sets with a personal slant to the storm's damages.


Good photo of this anomoly.


PG, I'm the same way, I feel it in my arm!

The business end of this limb ended up blocking the neighbor's driveway, so it had to go. It used to go out and up to shade the drive, after the storm it went out and down!


Scary and sad.


When you see an arm like that you can feel the pain also.


Today's theme: the kinds of damage that a windstorm causes. This is a classic torsion fracture: this large horizontal limb of a Norway Spruce was simply twisted over and around by the constant high winds of Hurricane Sandy. Eventually it gives out, but doesn't suffer a complete break. This happens to main trunks as well.

The wound can heal partially or completely, but the evidence of the trauma remains in the tree's surface for the rest of its life. It makes an interesting "hunt" to take a walk in the woods looking for torsion wounds in the trees.

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